Black And White Blue Nose Pitbull

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The differentiation in color does not pose as a flaw or imperfection to the breed which is something to keep in mind. A disease like joint problems heart disease allergies and cataracts often afflict the dog.

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Make sure you check the pitbull if it is indeed dark or just solid blue.

Black and white blue nose pitbull. Moomoo or piebald pit bull. It is also called blue nosed pit bulls because of its blue nose accompanied by blue tinted eyes. Blue nose pitbull lifespan.

The blue coat of blue pitbull dogs is so dense that they look like the color black to the eye of the casual observer. It is usually silvery grey or blue in color with white markings on the feet face and chest. One of the best things about that blue coat is that it is easy to groom.

Blue nose pitbulls are easy to groom. Rocky blue red nose pitbull 8 months old black white. Blue nose pitbulls appear to have similar life spans to other pitbulls.

The american kennel club has yet to recognize it. They can actually sport a blue grey black or even a red nose and still be a blue nose pit bull. There s no such thing as a blue nose pitbull people use the term wrong the blue colored dogs of today are mixxed with other breeds to be that color american staffordshire tertiers have the blue color but it s a resesive white gene and i d probably threre from mix breeding too there s no such thing as a blue nose or red nose pitbull it.

The blue pit is no different from other pit bulls and it s becoming popular among breeders but it s still rare to find. It is always a white pattern that is mixed with solid coloration of red blue grey tan bucksin pitbull and black. While some blue nose pitbulls may suffer from increased health problems the average pitbull lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

The blue nose pitbull is purebred american pitbull terrier but it s categorized by its nose color being blue. With this being said your blue nose pit bull does not even have to have a blue nose at all. A blue nose pitbull puppy can cost around 1 000 to 3 000.

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