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The smooth short and sleek coat requires brushing once in a week and a rare bath. Brindle black blue brown and yellow the appearance of a mountain cur will vary because of the five breeding lines.

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Most have black markings on the muzzle hence their name but their body coloration can be yellow brown red or black.

Brindle black mouth mountain cur. The mountain cur the mountain view cur the stephens stock and the treeing tennessee brindle. Children both breeds are child friendly but the black mouth cur is the most friendly between the breeds. My mountain cur brindle coat almost 2 hrs old her name is izzy mountaincur black mouth cur wikipedia plott hound vs mountain cur breed comparison mydogbreeds young mountain cur rescue puppy looking curiously into the camera stock photo alamy.

Some have very coarse hair while others are coated in softer finer hair. Black mouth cur shedding is very less grooming and brushing once in a while is all the care it needs. Some black mouth curs even have a brindle pattern.

They are very low maintenance in terms of grooming. Owner experience both the mountain cur and the black mouth cur are good for new owners but the mountain cur is a slightly better choice. This medium dog has a solid and deep chest a broad head a square muzzle hanging ears and usually short and dense coat.

This dog breed is very loyal to its master and is multi talented and can be trained as a watchdog guard dog hunting dog herding dog and a companion dog. Black mouth cur and labrador retriever mix tan and black neutered male aspen 2 years pit bull terrier and french bulldog mix white and brindle neutered male ginger 4 years australian treeing tennessee brindles are dog friendly dogs. Solid white and piebald colors are not allowed in black mouth curs which in rare occasions may appear in a litter due to recessive genes.

Today the mountain cur has been split into four distinct breeds. Black mouth cur sale the black mouth cur was developed in the southern united states but comes from a long line of curs and cur type dogs that date back to pre christian times as. Grooming both breeds have low maintenance coats but the black mouth cur is easier to groom.

Some bm curs are born with heavier coats and some are born with lighter coats. Mountain cur is not the best dog breed for office environment. The black mouth cur is an unquestionably muscular sturdy rugged southern dog.

A mountain cur can be. Black mouth cur is a medium sized hunting dog originating from the southen states of the us. Although the mountain cur is often seen in its common brindle pattern this is not the only colour these dogs come in.

The coat comes in a variety of shades of yellow fawns and brindle. The black mouth cur is a well muscled rugged herding hunting and all around utility or work dog whose coat comes in a number of colors and shades generally all shades of fawn from nearly white to mahogany. All black mouth curs have short coats but they occur in a variety of colors.

These two different coat types can appear in the same litter. They are also seen in black blue brown and yellow or some combination of this. The black mouth cur is available in many colors such as yellow and fawn red buckskin brown black or brindle.

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