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The biewer terrier was the first breed to be recognized as a breed of its own purebred using advancements in science rather than the traditional process of pedigree documentation. Find out about training behavior and care of biewer terrier dogs.

Biewer Biewer Terrier Biewer A La Pom Pon Biewer Yorkie

The biewer terrier may have a sensitive gi system and should be fed a low protein well balanced diet.

Biewer dogs breed. Biewer terriers also referred to as biewer yorkies are already little dogs and are considered a toy breed. He is a very happy spirited and intelligent dog. Also known as the biewer à la pom pon biewer yorkie or biewer yorkshire these dogs were bred from yorkshire terriers so they share many of the same lovable characteristics of this popular breed.

The biewer terrier was bred to be a companion dog which makes him or her a wonderful family dog. If you are looking for a playful and adorable small breed dog look no further than the biewer terrier. A hybrid breeder who mixes the biewer and the yorkie states there can be biewer and yorkshire color puppies in a single litter but only in the f2 generation.

A national breed club parent club is a national organization that is dedicated to the preservation protection and advancement of a dog breed. As a small breed dog the biewer terrier requires a high quality commercial dog food diet that is formulated for small breed dogs. You will find that this breed does get along well with children and does not display some of the same qualities of other terriers.

The club develops the breed standard i e. Small breed dog formulas are specially designed to meet the high energy needs of small active dogs like the biewer. In the f1 generation if you breed a biewer and a yorkshire you get only yorkshire color puppies black and tan.

The explanation for this unusual yorkie was a rare recessive piebald gene mutation. Biewer terrier dog breed information including pictures characteristics and facts. The biewer pronounced bee vare terrier is a toy breed terrier who is closely related to the yorkshire terrier.

They are bred in a standard size with no height requirement but a weight range of 4 8 pounds. The biewer terrier is considered to be a pup that is easy to own and loves attention. Since he is a small toy breed he can be somewhat difficult to housetrain and it takes dedication and persistence to fully housetrain him.

Pronounced bee vair the breed was first discovered and developed in germany by a couple werner and gertrude biewer yorkshire terrier breeders. They probably won t exceed 8 9 inches at shoulder height. The guidelines for how a breed should look health testing etc and acts as experts on their breeds for education of the general public breeders and show.

They mated two of their dogs together in 1984 and produced a blue gold and white dog named schneeflocken von friedheck.

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