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This results in a medium sized dog that weighs between 35 and 65 pounds as an adult. The pitbull husky mix is a cross between the american pit bull terrier and a siberian husky.

Learn About The Pitbull Husky Mix A K A The Pitsky Dogable

Although it is hard to predict exactly how your pup will turn out.

Pitbull cross husky puppy. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Pitbull husky mix breeders. 0 402 3 minutes read.

Pit bull kelvin and baby our new husky german shepherd mix. The pitsky is an even tempered playful and affectionate mix of an american pitbull terrier and either a siberian husky or less commonly an alaskan husky not the alaskan malamute. As this mixed breed can be a cross between a pitbull and either a siberian or alaskan husky their size can vary dramatically.

The pitsky is not a purebred dog. I bought the doggy dna test and got the results back and sure enough hes half siberian husky half pit bull but i dont regret a thing by far the most loyal friendly smart obedient quirky pup. Breeders animal shelters and rescue groups.

Some can go up to 2000for your pitbull husky mix puppy depending on the pedigree and the breeder. If we look at the average the adult pitsky might grow up from nineteen to twenty four inches and can weigh anywhere between thirty to seventy pounds. The huge variety of possible coats and colors is also a decisive factor in puppy pricing.

The pitbull husky mix puppy comes in various sizes. Evelyn grimes july 4 2017. Pit bull kelvin and baby our new husky german shepherd mix.

Pitbull husky mix price. As a puppy he looked 100 husky but as he got older i noticed some things changing. It is a cross between the american pit bull terrier and the siberian husky or alaskan husky.

Adopted husky meets pack alpha. Paw wax httpsamznto30ixeki pitbull dog. Full grown pitbull husky mix meets her baby daddy.

Creating pitbull mix puppies. You should expect to pay at least 500. Cross husky pitbull mix.

This hybrid is generally intelligent athletic and loyal. German shepherd husky mix puppy with pit bull dagmara mach.

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