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If you think your dog has mites you may be able to confirm this by removing and inspecting the wax from his ears. An annual dermatology and ear exam is recommended for all cocker spaniels that have had any history of.

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If present deeper problems should be treated until they resolve completely under veterinary supervision.

Working cocker spaniel ears. Infection and chronic cases. Cockers can also get food stuck to their ears but you can get special spaniel bowls that will keep his ears clean such as this one that we found on amazon. Symptoms of ear mites include your cocker shaking his head scratching his ears and you may also notice an increase in ear wax.

Cocker spaniels have long floppy ears that grow long fur making them an ideal location for mats to form. Chronic ears in cocker spaniels are very common unfortunately. Cleaning your cocker spaniel s ears is essential to treating and preventing ear infections.

The mites leave a dark residue of dried blood which look like little specks of black grit or coffee grains in the ear. If your cocker is a regular sufferer of ear infection or his condition is chronic there are a couple of things you can do to help. Using a pair of trimming scissors carefully trim away excess hair.

Cocker spaniels are a much loved breed featuring silky coats and long soft ears. This causes the tangle to become wound tight forming a mat. Mats form when the fur becomes tangled.

Clean your cocker spaniel s ears properly. Curing spaniel ear problems if you find that your spaniel s ears smell then you should get him to the vet s for a checkup. Cocker spaniels are very popular dogs.

If the tangle is not quickly brushed out dirt loose fur and other debris becomes trapped in it. Cocker spaniels have a lot of hair at the opening of the ears and underneath. Dealing with any ear problem early should prevent deeper ear problems.

His breed ideally should be short on the body with a small skirt a little bit of fluff hanging down from his stomach and feathers the fluff on his legs. Lift your cocker s ears above his head to expose his ear canals and tie them gently together with a scrunchy to let the air get at them for a couple of hours each. Woody is a working cocker spaniel so isn t that fluffy compared to the hairier show cockers.

People who are interested in field sports will be most familiar with the working field cocker but the show bench cocker has his origins in the same place. Unfortunately those long heavy ears stop air circulating in the ear canal which combined with the natural waxes produced by the ear canal and body heat make the ear canal a perfect breeding ground for infection. There are two distinct types of cocker spaniel in the uk and they are really quite different.

To clean his ears you will need a high quality ear cleaning solution available at your local pet store and cotton balls or cotton gauze available at your local pharmacy. The hair can prevent fresh air from reaching the ear canal creating a moist area where bacteria may proliferate.

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