Pomeranian Und Chihuahua Mix

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The weight of a chihuahua and pomeranian mix will usually vary from 5 to 12 pounds. Many designer dogs are given stylish hairdos.

Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Literally Looks Exactly Like Our Dog

The pomeranian chihuahua mix combines two small and spirited breeds to create a designer dog affectionately called the pomchi.

Pomeranian und chihuahua mix. A mix can range anywhere from 5 to 12 pounds and 5 to 9 inches tall. The pomeranian chihuahua mix may look aloof or act standoffish but this crossbreed will surprise you with how intelligent they are. With cross breeds do keep in mind that there is much more variance in physical appearance and personality.

Look online read some reviews don t be afraid to speak to the people before arranging to meet. See more ideas about pomeranian chihuahua mix chihuahua mix pomeranian chihuahua. The pomeranian chihuahua mix will need consistent brushing several times a week.

The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 12 to 15 years. Pomeranian cross chihuahua grooming. It s a small dog breed at about 6 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder weighing between 4 to 12 pounds.

Whether you have a black pomchi a white pomchi or a glorious mixture of fur color combinations he will require regular brushing to maintain a healthy and manageable coat. A first generation chihuahua pomeranian mix is 50 pomeranian and 50 chihuahua offspring. To ensure you re getting a happy and healthy dog make sure you visit the breeder s premises.

See more ideas about pomeranian mix chihuahua pomeranian chihuahua mix. As the generations move on breeders may breed a full pomeranian or full chihuahua with a pomchi or they may breed two pomchis. This mix is increasing in popularity and we have everything you need to know about this darling little dog.

Jul 27 2015 explore brenda lakso s board pomeranian chihuahua mix on pinterest. The pomeranian chihuahua mix has the same grooming necessities like a purebred pomeranian so daily care for your dog such as daily dog grooming is needed. This small dog is both alert and intelligent and looks sweet thanks to the dog breeds.

May 5 2017 explore elaine lee s board chihuahua pomeranian mix dogs followed by 108 people on pinterest. Longhaired chihuahua pomeranian mix dogs need a daily brush. The pomchi is a cross of a purebred pomeranian and a purebred chihuahua also known as the pomeranian chihuahua mix.

A mix between the pomeranian and chihuahua dog breeds is an often tried combination mainly because the result is usually an incredibly cute company dog a very good option for someone that wants a little pet to have around. The idea of breeding two pomchis is to have a better idea of their potential temperament as we have done with purebred dogs. As puppies some of them can be stubborn and have that persona that they are on top of the food chain exert authority with your pomchi puppy and start socialization and training right away.

Pomeranian chihuahua mix puppies that are sold by people who love dogs are out there.

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