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The pomeranian has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years and the chihuahua s is even longer at 15 to 20 years. But it was only in the last 20 or 30 years that breeders started intentionally crossing the two breeds.

Why Your Pom Needs A Home Made Diet Healthy Dog Food Homemade

Pomeranian vs chihuahua health.

Pomeranian chihuahua food. If you love little dogs and have time and energy for proper training to reign in their boisterous behavior then the pomeranian chihuahua mix will be a good fit for you. Proper care can help maximize an individual dog s longevity. The pomeranian s beautiful soft coat is a major draw for the breed but it also requires major upkeep.

However its reviews are clear that pomeranian owners feel the cost is worth it. Ziwi grain free freeze dried dog food is perfect for pom s with grain allergies. As puppies some of them can be stubborn and have that persona that they are on top of the food chain exert authority with your pomchi puppy and start socialization and training right away.

The pomeranian and chihuahua mix dog known as the pom chi has been around for decades. Shorter haired pets won t need as much brushing but they shouldn t be neglected. Its formula is 98 fresh meat organs bones.

Ziwi dog food will take some more out of your pockets than other pomeranian foods. Pomeranian cross chihuahua grooming can be very important particularly to those dogs with longer fuller coats. The pom chi club of america was established in the late 90s so it s safe to assume that the breed was first developed in the united states at some.

The pomeranian chihuahua mix may look aloof or act standoffish but this crossbreed will surprise you with how intelligent they are. The pomeranian chihuahua mix is a small and spirited dog that draws its lineage from two beloved breeds. Matted hair is unpleasant for any dog so make sure grooming and brushing becomes part of your regular weekly routine if you own a pomchi.

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