Least Loyal Dog Breeds

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Compact in size and very smart they are deeply loyal companions but they re aloof with. These less affectionate dog breeds are simply more independent.

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Yet this individual can be terribly aggressive.

Least loyal dog breeds. This breed and the similar kuvasz are majestic af. There are more than 420 recognized dog breeds see. And don t forget all the wonderful mixed breeds awaiting families as they may just represent your ideal combination of traits.

They re also calm smart and extremely floofy. But only in one very narrow set of circumstances. The least affectionate dogs are still most of the time very affectionate.

16 least trainable dog breeds 11 dog breeds that need the least exercise 11 safest dog breeds. Generally speaking all dogs are sociable and it s just a matter of degree. Not exactly on point i have a dog greyhoundmix.

World atlas of dog breeds. Featuring a tri colored coat with black white and tan markings the bernese mountain dog has thick long hair that sheds quite a lot and requires regular grooming and brushing to prevent matting. Least loyal dog breeds by arya posted on november 4 2019 february 19 2019.

This breed of course is not known to be terribly aggressive towards people. They are patient with kids and other pets making them great family companions. The bernese mountain dog loves human companionship and is a loyal friend.

Check out our lists of the stubbornest dog breeds the smartest the laziest and more right here. Don t let this list prevent you from considering any of these dogs.

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