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He is a large muscular dog with plenty of bone and substance covered with an unusual. Leaves mud snow fecal matter and other debris cling to his rough coat and ends up all over your house.

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The caring for a komondor and especially the coatcare changes with the age of the komondor.

Komondor dog short hair. The body when seen sideways forms a prone rectangle. According to the spaniel water dog club of america after giving this breed an annual shave down the spaniel water dog s coat can form cords as long as you allow the curly hair to grow naturally throughout the year and prevent it. The corded coat dangles all over their body protecting the dog from extreme weather and cold.

The komondor is characterized by imposing strength dignity courageous demeanor and pleasing conformation. Caring for an grown and old dog. The body is covered with a heavy matted corded coat.

This list includes the komondor the bergamasco shepherd the puli the spanish water dog and the standard poodle. The tail is carried with a slight curl. They have robust bodies strongly muscled with long legs and a short back.

This breed s coat is always curly and unlike the komondor or the puli the spanish water dog s coat is single. A male komondor is up to 27 5 inches or taller at the withers while a female komondor is 25 5 inches or taller at the withers. Tearing the cords and cutting excess hair are the most important things in coatcare.

The first on the list of any best short hair dogs is always beagle a famous and popular breed known for many. In most cases this unusual type of coating develops naturally but it requires a little assistance to be formed properly and of course a lot of care. 20 best short hair dog breeds top picks of dogs that are easiest to groom.

You don t have to comb his hair every week. We devide these periodes in 3 sections. I think a short clipped coat looks great.

This breed is covered with extensive amounts of hair almost hiding their face and eyes. The puli is closely related to the komondor and is also sometimes referred to as a mop dog however unlike the komondor this breed of curly haired dog either has corded fur or a fluffier brushed out mass of curls. The fur of the puli is a combination of a soft undercoat and more coarse guard hairs.

For the easiest coat of all you should trim or clip the coat so it s short and sanitary. Although the komondor s appearance might make you think they were developed to mop floors this pooch has a long and noble heritage as a flock guarding dog breed in their native hungary check out. Did you know that a few dog breeds have a unique looking coat in the form of long cords very similar to dreadlocks.

The komondor is a large molosser dog many are over 30 inches 76 cm tall one of the larger breeds of dog. Shaggy dog syndrome like all shaggy dogs the komondor is a messy dog.

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