Half Chihuahua Half Pomeranian Dog

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The dog acquired sponsors and advertisers. The pomchi loves to play games and will respond well to tasks which tests their inquisitive nature.

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This last one which took place on saturday might have left a reaction.

Half chihuahua half pomeranian dog. The pomchi s high canine iq makes training. They are longhair half chihuahua and half pomeranian mixture pups born february th. Getting a new dog or puppy is a massive commitment so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the dog.

I have a 15 year old half pomeranian and half chihuahua. A daily exercise of 30 minutes and mental stimulation activity will make them truly happy and mentally and physically stimulated. Nonetheless the best way to cut this tendency is to train them from an early age.

If you love little dogs and have time and energy for proper training to reign in their boisterous behavior then the pomeranian chihuahua mix will be a good fit for you. A lack of. It s a designer breed aka a mutt.

You can read our detailed information guide about dogs for potential new dog owners. They are looking for a loving home for a life time of fun and great care there are 2 white male s and 1 black puppy are ready to go to there new home today. The dog is a chihuahua pomeranian cross mix etc.

He will eat regular people food though. Some of the half pomeranian and half chihuahua puppies may exhibit the physical features of one breed and the behavioral tendencies of the other with the rest of the litter the exact opposite. It is not an actual breed by any means.

I ll do all i can to help. Since i brought her home she has been scratching and trying to bite at her back side when i looked she had several red bumps and it must have been very painful. Login to reply the answers post.

Also read our pomeranian dog breed information profile. Any suggestion to what i should do as far as to stop the diahria and eat his regular food. Chase stewart once had his own successful youtube channel but his dog pithuhua kept stealing the show.

Nonetheless the pomeranian chihuahua mix usually reflects the inherent intelligence of both parents. Essentially it s a mutt. It became chase s only source of income.

The back yard breeders that breed them for profit. That is until one day while pituahua was on a doggie meet and greet with famous internet dog eduardo el guapo pithuahua. Nothing more nothing less.

The same happens with the chihuahua and it is all due to the small dog syndrome. Confirm that the advertiser is genuine. The pomeranian chihuahua mix is an active high energy intelligent little dog.

Half pomeranian half chihuahua. The pomeranian chihuahua mix is a small and spirited dog that draws its lineage from two beloved breeds. Eventually his dog became ΓΌ ber famous one of the top internet dogs.

Pomchis are prone to barking excessively because the pomeranian has a problem known as yapping which this cross tends to inherit. He was recently kenneled for 10 days and now wont eat his dog food. I have a mixed dog half chihuahua half pomeranian she is 3 years old and has only had 2 grooming visits.

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