Great Pyrenees Lab German Shepherd Mountain Dog Mix

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Being a hybrid it shows the hybrid vigor which explains that the breed has better traits and characteristics compared to its parents. Dog breeders call this mix pyradors or labreenes.

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Keep in mind the pyrador mix could inherit this independence from his great pyrenees parent or he could be more prone to easy training like his lab parent.

Great pyrenees lab german shepherd mountain dog mix. Both the lab and the great pyrenees are intelligent breeds but while the lab enjoys learning new things and is eager to please the great pyrenees is more independent. Your corginees will be bright active and independent an excellent guard dog. The pyrenees mountain dog is a cross between the great pyrenees and the bernese mountain dog.

They are better suited for homes with large fenced in yards because of their high energy. German shepherd great pyrenees mix shepnees. The great pyrenees german shepherd mix goes by many names including the shepnees shep py and germanees.

He is however just as vigilant in protecting his family home. Great pyrenees and bernese mountain dog. The great pyrenees lab mix is the result of breeding a labrador retriever and great pyrenees dogs.

Pyr crosses typically have a high barking tendency and will alert their owner of anything unusual. His fur is like a german shep and man can he shed but i love him the death. The great pyrenees is a large loyal dog that has a stubborn streak.

Bernese mountain dog great pyrenees mix great bernese. The breed is currently ranked as the 66 th most popular dog breed in america in 2020. The great pyrenees is not as well known as the german shepherd.

While all mixed breed dogs can vary in appearance the german shepherd dog great pyrenees mix will result in a large muscular dog. They are well suited to farm life and large back yards due to their history. The great bernese is a beautiful hybrid.

Chien de montagne des pyrenees patou pyrenean dog pyrenean mountain dog. He is 100 pounds blue eyes almost all white except for a brindle patch around his right eye and some black specks on his ears. The great pyrenees mixes have a beautiful majestic appearance and the steady temperament of their pyrenean parent while displaying unconditional love for their people.

I have a great pyr german shep lab rottweiler husky mix. At least that is what the dna tests said. With two giant breed parents the great bernese will likely weigh between 85 and 190 pounds.

If you have never had a great pyrenees mix before look at the top 18 most popular crossbreeds listed and see which one might fit for you and your family. Other great pyrenees dog breed names. These dogs are large bundles of energy bred from two guarding breeds.

The popular pyrador is a cross between a labrador retriever and a great pyrenees. The pairing of a german shepherd dog and a great pyrenees isn t a common one but you may occasionally encounter this mix in a rescue. The result of mixing the bernese mountain dog and a great pyrenees.

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