Golden Blue Roan English Cocker Spaniel Colors

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Roan is dominant over open marks. The american cocker may also have white or tan markings depending on the base coat color.

English Golden And Tri Color Cocker Spaniels Adult Dogs Cocker

English cocker spaniel facts.

Golden blue roan english cocker spaniel colors. Sprocker spaniel breed information what you need to know. Golden black red liver liver and tan and black and tan are considered solid colors. Find similarities and differences between english cocker spaniel vs golden retriever.

English cocker spaniel are found in various colors. If you re planning to buy an english cocker spaniel puppy then it will cost you around 900 1200. There are field or working cockers and show cockers.

So to sum up english cocker spaniel colors vary greatly with 23 possible shades and three. Black liver with brown pigmentation red with black or brown pigmentation golden with black or brown pigmentation sable silver ash black and tan liver and tan blue roan liver roan orange roan with black or brown pigmentation. Golden red chocolate liver or black black and tan liver and tan.

Blue roan liver tan golden black. Solid can carry for parti color but parti color cannot carry for solid. The cocker spaniel generally lives into its early to mid teens.

Life expectancy and size. You may see some patterns and markings and sometimes there s a little white on the chest and throat or tan markings for. The english cocker spaniel gives birth to 6 8 puppies at a time.

Er spaniel dog breed information complete guide. Red english cocker spaniels. The english cocker spaniel requires average grooming.

Genetics of colors in the english cocker spaniel. The english cocker spaniel may come as black blue roan golden lemon roan liver orange or red with a variety of acceptable markings in tan or white. Official cocker coat colors according to wikipedia coat colors of the cocker spaniel are as follows.

A golden english cocker spaniel usually has a black nose. English er spaniel colors blue roan goldenacresdogs. English cocker spaniel or golden retriever.

Solid is always dominant over parti color. Blue roan is the most popular color choice. Well socialized and all ready tested clear through dna testing.

The english cocker spaniel is an active good natured sporting dog standing well up at the withers and compactly built. The english cocker spaniel is a breed of gun dog it is noteworthy for producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter among all dog breeds. English springer spaniel dog breed information and pictures.

A short course on coat color in spaniels these comments are courtesy of karen fremuth on the inheritance of color. Other colours include orange roan liver roan lemon roan blue roan and tan liver roan and tan. Contact me for any questions 9374658710 gundogs gundogcentral huntingdogs sportdog fielddog dogsofgundogcentral loyalldogfood loyallforlife englishcockerspaniel flushers puppiesforsale black whitewtick male nfcfcwarrenersskylark.

316 best english er spaniels images in 2020. Compare english cocker spaniel and golden retriever and name3. Black blue roan male pup.

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