German Shorthaired Pointer Breed Traits

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My final thoughts on the german shorthaired pointer. A hallmark of the breed is the sleek coat that comes in either liver or in liver and white the latter often profusely ticked.

German Shorthaired Pointer Breed German Shorthaired Pointer

German shorthaired pointer information including pictures training behavior and care of german shorthaired pointers and dog breed mixes.

German shorthaired pointer breed traits. It should have a clean cut head graceful outline strong quarters and an athletic physique. The breed was recognized in the late 1800s in germany with the first shorthaired coming to america in the 1920s. Breed history of the german shorthaired pointer.

Regular brushing every two or three days to keep the hair in good condition is sufficient. German shorthaired pointer information including personality history grooming pictures videos and the akc breed standard. Many german shorthaired pointers are perfectly fine with other animals.

Right breed for you. Young german shorthaired pointers up to about two years old romp and jump with great vigor and things can go flying including small children and infirm people. The breed soon gained a reputation as the ideal dog for the hunter who wanted only one dog that could do it all.

The german shorthaired pointer gained akc recognition in 1930. Because of their unique history the german shorthaired pointer is a very versatile dog perhaps the most versatile of any breed. The german shorthaired pointer is an all purpose close working gun dog that combines agility power and endurance.

German shorthaired pointer health and conditions. These modern and stylish german shorthaired pointer prints display the common characteristics of a gsp in a range of complimentary typefaces and make a great gift for a dog lover. The german shorthaired pointer is the ideal size for a good running companion but still compact enough to fit well into most households.

Above all the german shorthaired pointer is an active hunter. You can also choose to show the dog with a docked or undocked tail. But some individuals are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex.

German shorthaired pointers have an amiable temperament and personality and can make excellent family pets if given the proper attention. Although it has a short back it should stand over plenty of ground. German shorthaired pointer dog breed traits print gsp gift.

The german shorthaired pointer is a tough and healthy breed with only a few hereditary diseases. Although the german shorthaired pointer loses hair regularly the care of its coat is simple and does not require great effort or time. If the dog is hunting it may be necessary to brush it more often to remove dirt you only have to bathe these dogs when they are dirty.

These include cancer eye problems allergies epilepsy and hip dysplasia. It is square or slightly longer than tall.

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