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As you can tell the more a german shepherd deviates from max von stephanitz s working dog standard potentially the slower she will be. Speed is part and parcel of their daily lives.

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However if a dog gets too long balance becomes compromised and speed suffers.

German shepherd max speed. Still a german shepherd is a quick runner when trained for distance running. German shepherd dog can speed up to 30 miles per hour 48km. Needless to say the speed of each individual dog varies but this is their maximum speed limit.

They can even be trained to run in marathons. Its speed will depend on its daily training its overall health condition and its weight. German shepherd are made to protect and also their strong running ability and stamina can never be ignored a healthy german shepherd running speed lies between the range of 20 30 mph.

The speed of an outdoor dog is a critical aspect that you as the owner must be well aware of. A relatively long body allows the legs to have more room to come underneath giving more propelling force. You should be well aware of this issue so that you can be sure whether he can get himself out of any fix or do his job expedite.

German shepherd dog is not the fastest among the dog breeds but his speed is impressive according to his heavyweight 66 to 88 pounds 30 to 40 kg. Yet they can t maintain this speed over long distances unless they re trained to do so gradually. How fast can a german shepherd run.

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