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Many people believe that the word pit bull refers to just one breed of dog however there are several different types of pitbulls. A rottweiler and pitbull mix can be result in a hybrid dog which is loyal loving and affectionate.

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Pit bulls are an unfairly maligned grouping of dogs that have garnered an undeserved reputation for violence.

Different types of pitbulls chart. By trey clark september 26 2018 1 comment. These dogs emerged as a type of canine rather than a single breed. Different types of pitbull mix dogs.

The moustached pit bull. The formal breeds that are usually considered to be of the bully type include the american staffordshire terrier the american pit bull terrier and the staffordshire bull terrier. For instance the common ones include the american pitbull terriers bull terriers and the staffordshire bull terriers.

The different type of pitbulls. The pitbull breed which is a loosely term to describe dogs with similar physical characteristics over the past couple decades has really began to vary in size shape and completely turn into different breeds. The misunderstanding begins with the very name.

Incorrect information about pit bull attacks or sensationalized stories contribute to this situation. However recently the american bully is a breed that is growing popularly recognized as one of the most expensive pit bull type dog. While there are different types of pit bulls they do share some common characteristics.

Of all of the dogs included in the pit bull grouping only one the american pit bull terrier is recognized by the united kennel club. This pitbull was born with the most unique facial markings because it has a shaped handlebar mustache like an italian bartender in 1920s. However much of this has to do with the.

It has chocolate swirl hair coat coloration. American pit bull. The zebra pit bull.

Pit bull is the name given to types of dogs having certain similar features some dog breeds that are considered of the pit bull type are staffordshire bull terrier american staffordshire terrier and american pit bull terrier. The three most common types are the american pit bull terrier american staffordshire terrier and staffordshire bull terrier. The term pit bull is a generic name used for many different pit bull breeds and pit bull mix dogs that may physically resemble the registered american kennel association or united kennel association breeds the american pit bull terrier and several of its closely related relatives including the american staffordshire terrier are often considered pit bulls by pit bull enthusiasts and.

Here are a few facts about these three popular types of pitbulls. Different types of pit bulls. It is a unique genetic combination of a potted pitbull stripped pit bull and pure white pit bull.

Breeders owners and fans will give different responses when asked about the types of pitbulls. Pit bull breeds are generally muscular dogs with a strong bite and unfortunately a bad reputation with some. Widening the gene pool there are some very popular pitbull breeds which are a pitbull mix i e.

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