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They love people and get along well with other pets but should be supervised with young children who may not know how to treat a small dog. With their sweet fond nature it is fun to have these jolly dogs around.

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The mixes of cocker spaniel formed by crossing with other purebreds would mostly possess the pleasing personality of its parent while being quite friendly with kids and other dogs in the family.

Corgi cocker spaniel terrier mix. The cocker spaniel corgi mix is a hybrid dog breed mix dog breeds are great additions to the family as they are resistant charming and lovely to have around. Cocker spaniel cavalier king charles spaniel mix cockalier the cockalier has one cocker spaniel parent and one ckc spaniel parent. The corkie is a cross between the cocker spaniel and the yorkshire terrier yorkie.

There are two types of cocker spaniel american and english. However some owners might be disappointed when they do not find a cocker spaniel mix for sale in their area. Both are descended from dogs bred to accompany waterfowl.

The breed has a famously loving and cheerful personality combined with a sweet face and soft flowing coat. This breed rarely gets above 30 pounds and stands between 12 and 14 inches high. Cocker spaniels have been beloved family pets for many years and for good reason.

The pembroke cocker corgi is not a purebred dog. Cocker spaniel yorkshire terrier mix. Known for its charming looks and cheerful disposition the cocker spaniel makes a beloved family companion.

It is a cross between the pembroke welsh corgi and the american cocker spaniel the best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Most mixed dogs come from pure breeds but these litters usually have a level of unpredictability by having different traits from the parent lines. Corgi cavalier king charles spaniel mix cavacorgi.

Corkie pictures temperament. Aside from the popular mixes listed above. The corgipoo is a designer dog breed that is a cross between a pembroke welsh corgi and a poodle.

Cocker spaniel x golden retriever x poodle mix miniature golden retriever cocker spaniel x golden retriever x poodle mix petite goldendoodle cocker spaniel x jack russell terrier mix cocker jack cocker spaniel x japanese chin mix chin ocker cocker spaniel x labrador retriever mix spanador cocker spaniel x labrador retriever x poodle mix petite labradoodle. Your cockalier will weigh 13 to 30 pounds with a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. For most people the cocker spaniel is perfect as a family pet.

Learn even more about the cockalier by reading our full mix breed review article. They originated in the united states and are sometimes called a corgidoodle or simply a corgi poodle mix. These are small but sturdy dogs with an athletic body floppy ears and a black nose while their dark eyes are intelligent and expressive.

There are several places where you can get cocker spaniels and they all work fine for those who choose to have them as part of their family. With a mixed breed you can get any combination of traits from one or both of the parent breeds. The pembroke cocker corgi is a small hybrid mix of the american cocker spaniel and the pembroke welsh corgi.

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