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Anyone that has seen a working cocker hunting for game will know just how vigorously they wag their tails. All cocker spaniels are born with tails.

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I have a cocker spaniel she was docked by breeder i will not dock her puppies should she have any i saw no cocker spaniels docked when i was in europe and they have a lovely tail i was stunned and then wondered why in usa do we do it.

Cocker spaniel tail not docked. The thing is that during the hunting the tail of a cocker. Docking is exactly the same process as surgical amputation but without the protection of anaesthesia and analgesia and therefore more likely to result in chronic pain due to neuroma formation. Dogs with docked tails include cocker spaniels rottweilers and yorkshire terriers.

Tails should be docked between the age of 3 and 5 days. It s a little too late and more risky. Tail docking is common in cocker spaniels and some of the other spaniel breeds and is generally carried out for two reasons.

That being said both my cocker spaniels have docked tails but it was done when they were only days old. Currently 62 breeds recognized by the akc have docked tails. Some dogs such as the old english sheepdog and australian shepherd may appear to be docked but may have actually been born with a bobtail or naturally short tail.

Keeping in mind the welfare of the cocker spaniel breed and the function it was bred to perform and as applies to all flushing spaniels the board of directors of the american spaniel club continues to support docked tails for cocker spaniels and all flushing spaniels as an important characteristic required by the breed s function as. Cocker spaniel puppies with docked tails image and description the enchanting pics below is segment of cocker spaniel tail problems post which is sorted within cocker spaniel and published at may 22nd 2017 18 34 19 pm by. Most are in the terrier and spaniel families.

A large proportion of a spaniel s work is conducted in thick cover this can be anything from. Fifty to seventy breeds have their docked tails. The breeding standard for cocker spaniels is to dock the tail.

The evidence shows that 320 dogs need to be docked to prevent one tail injury not amputation so the risks to the population are very low. Owned by 1 cocker jun 22 2016 3 i agree with karen. Owned by 2 cockers.

I am considering puppies i will not do it to them. I dock our tails but some breeders take their puppies to their vet to be docked. 1 polly super moderator.

This tradition begins upon the use of field working cocker spaniels in flushing games. There are those who support the practice but believe the term tail bobbing is less offensive than docking even though it is the same thing. The first is to protect the dog from injury when he is working.

The main reason for tail docking in cocker spaniels some traditional cocker look that should be always adhered to spaniels with long tails don t look natural. Docked tails a vital characteristic of cocker spaniels. Breeds with docked tails.

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