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Glaucoma deals with the fluid in a dog s eye. Allergies and allergic reactions.

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The end result is excessive tears.

Cocker spaniel eyes weeping. He was also on antibiotics for a month. Unfortunately cocker spaniels are among the breeds most affected by glaucoma. It is crucial for a spaniel owner to spot the early symptoms of an eye disease and visit a vet doctor before the problem becomes irretrievable.

One vet says it s eye lashes growing into his eyes another says he has dry eyes. A simple bacterial or fungal infection can cause all sorts of tearing problems with cocker spaniel s eyes. Common cocker spaniel eyes problems glaucoma.

Glaucoma causes an increase in the intraocular pressure. Again these infections can cause the puncta to become blocked or for the overproduction of tears. My cocker spaniel has red weeping eyes.

Check your dog s eyes often. If you cocker spaniel has a reddish eye discharge ask your vet or a groomer about over the counter oral preparations for this purpose. Read on to learn more.

We clean his eyes about 5 times every evening because it gets so thick he can t see. It s advisable therefore when buying a spaniel puppy to check that there s no history of cataracts in either parents or grandparents. Cleaning under your cocker s eyes every day will prevent the discharge from hardening on his fur.

They say its an infection of some sort. A cataract in one eye only could be the result of a physical trauma but cataracts in both eyes is a hereditary condition and is often seen in cocker spaniels. The cocker spaniel s drooping lower eyelid gives your pooch his especially doleful expression.

A cocker spaniel as well as other purebreds has a genetic predisposition to certain illnesses and conditions. I have taken her to the vet more time then i can count and have spent 100 00s of pounds getting her tested and having lots of differnt drops. However the loose skin is more susceptible to catching foreign particles causing the secretion of white or clear discharge.

Understanding what symptoms to look for and regular checks will help you to keep your cocker spaniel s eyes clean and healthy. Before bathing your cocker spaniel apply an ophthalmic ointment to your dog s eyes to prevent them from becoming irritated by the soap and water. Prevent staining by wiping your cocker spaniel s eyes daily with a damp tissue or wash cloth.

Eye problems in dogs can cause your pet considerable pain and misery. My cocker spaniel has terrible eye discharge green or yellow even though we treat him with artificial tears and a prescription ointment. All eyes have a certain level of pressure to maintain called intraocular pressure.

She still has red ichy eyes.

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