Cocker Spaniel Ear Infection

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Commonly caused by yeast or. According to the cocker spaniel handbook by dr.

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Because of the way the cocker s ear hangs down over the ear canal and because of the long hair on the ear there isn t much ventilation in to the ear canal.

Cocker spaniel ear infection. Caroline coile allergies are the major cause of ear infections getting to the bottom of what causes canine allergies is part one in helping them to stop itching. Most of the above ear problems can be avoided by keeping your dog s ears clean and dry to prevent bacteria from growing in the first place unless of course the infection is simply a symptom of an underlying illness in which case the illness will also need to be. A cocker spaniel s ears are long and covered with soft and silky fur.

Your veterinarian will check ears. Cocker spaniels are prone to certain types of ear infection which are as follows. Some symptoms of ear infections in cocker spaniels are itchiness head shaking redness of ear canal excessive wax build up and unpleasant smell.

What are causes of a cocker spaniel s ear infection. The ears often become red inflamed and normally develop an offensive odour. Preventing dog ear infections.

In the plant world a canker is a fungal disease but in dogs it can cause ulcers. Oh the joys of being owned by a cocker spaniel. A yellowish moist discharge is often seen or indeed a dark.

Ear design cocker spaniels are frequent targets of ear infections because of their heavy floppy ears and the denseness of the fur on their ears. Causes leading to an itchy cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniels are susceptible to a variety of skin infections and diseases.

Cocker spaniels are vulnerable to many different skin problems and thus ear problems. Cocker spaniels are a much loved breed featuring silky coats and long soft ears. Although they are part of what makes cocker spaniels so beautiful those ears can cause constant problems including ear infections.

Otitis externa the external part of a dog s ear canal becomes inflamed which typically results in an infection taking hold due to a build up of bacteria or yeast in a dog s ears. Dog ear infections in cocker spaniels. The dog will shake its head and scratch its ears trying to get the debris and fluid out ease the irritation.

Ear infection may be due to yeast infection or bacterial infection or both. A cocker spaniel with an ear infection is uncomfortable the ear canals are sensitive to touch. Unfortunately those long heavy ears stop air circulating in the ear canal which combined with the natural waxes produced by the ear canal and body heat make the ear canal a perfect breeding ground for infection.

One of the most common cocker spaniel health issues is ear infections. Grass seeds and plant matter can work their way into your dog s ear poor air circulation and increased humidity levels and an accumulation of wax in the ear can cause ear canker. Damp humid environments are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that promote ear infections.

Things get warm and moist in there and those are ideal conditions for infections to get started.

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