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English cocker spaniel colors. Roan is dominant over open marks.

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The cocker spaniel standard.

Cocker spaniel colors chart. Solid is always dominant over parti color. Genetics of colors in the english cocker spaniel. The board of the asc asked the ascf to take on the task of researching the hereditary aspects and related issues of merle cocker spaniels.

The specific hypothesis presented to the ascf was that the merle color was not a cocker spaniel color but was instead introduced into the gene pool by a specific breeding that occurred in the 1980s. I find it interesting when pet people are looking for a cocker and they don t know how to explain what they are looking for or that they come in all kinds of colors and coat types. I hope this page helps fill in the gaps.

So to sum up english cocker spaniel colors vary greatly with 23 possible shades and three different types of markings. The cocker spaniel breed council representing the regional cocker spaniel clubs in the uk and offering advice and information on cocker spaniels to owners particularly in relation to temperament and behaviour problems. Black red and brown.

This chart only considers the basic cocker coat colors. A short course on coat color in spaniels these comments are courtesy of karen fremuth on the inheritance of color. The cocker spaniel is the smallest of the spaniels and is one of the most popular breeds in america according to the american kennel club.

Beginners guide to basic show grooming an english cocker spaniel a head ears and throat d hock c shoulder sides of neck f fringe forelegs trimming should appear as subtle as possible as if the coat naturally grew that way. For the purposes of this chart ignore tan points. Sable roan merle etc.

For this chart to be much use to you it s important to know whether your dog carries any recessive coat color genes. Overall there is no significant research or evidence to suggest that english cocker spaniel colors are indicative of the dog s current or future health. A merry dog the breed is recognized by its flowing coat.

Whether silky flat or wavy the coat comes in a variety of colors combinations.

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