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But while the look of the so called shi chi can warm your heart there are several things you should know about the designer dog before you bring one into your home. Shih tzu vs chihuahua vs pomeranian which one is a better dog breed for you.

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A basic overview of the shih tzu pomeranian mix.

Chihuahua pomeranian shih tzu. However it s been noted that they ve made an enormous splash within the past two decades. Pomeranian shih tzu mixdogs have long and flowing double coats like shih tzu and in most cases. The pomeranian has a fairly small breeding pool which increases its risk for.

She has two purebred parents the chihuahua and the shih tzu and so is a mixed or cross breed. The pomeranian shih tzu mix does have a life expectancy of around 12 to 16 years. It sometimes can take the short coat of the chihuahua and sometimes it can have a longer wavier hair.

Shih tzu chihuahua mix is a cross of shih tzu and chihuahua also known as shi chi or chi tzu. Even if you purchase a high quality brand of small breed dog food you only looking at an estimated cost of around 1 00 a day. The coat of this can vary depending on the dominant dog it is bred with.

The shih tzu pomeranian mix needs about a cup of dry food a day split into smaller meals. This mix can also produce a tiny dog with some health problems and behavioral quirks. The shichi is also known as shi chi and the shi chi.

It s a small dog at about 10 inches tall and 5 to 16 pounds weight. The coat will be straight though in some cases it may have a slight curl. The pomeranian has an expected lifespan of 12 16 years while the shih tzu ranges from 10 to 18 years.

She has a life span of 12 to 15 years and is an energetic and protective dog. Looking at pomeranian vs shih tzu lifespans the expectations are fairly similar. The shichi will need an owner happy to give her attention as she can be a bit spoiled and moody otherwise.

Like most of the designer dogs out there there isn t a pinpointed origin story to the shih tzu pomeranian mix. Welcome to your complete guide to the pomeranian shih tzu mix also known as the shiranian shi pom or the pomtzu this hybrid combines two popular teddy bear dog breeds making the pomeranian shih tzu mix an extra cute and fluffy pet for the right owner. However more often than not it has a combination of the two dogs coats.

Shih tzu chihuahua mix shichi 1 info on this adorable breed if you re into small dogs a shih tzu chihuahua mix may be the ultimate expression of size and cuteness. Life expectancy of a pomeranian shih tzu. Pomeranian vs shih tzu health.

Part of the reason why their star has risen is that the little guys have been a popular. Shih tzu chihuahua mix appearance. Both are prone to certain genetic health concerns.

The life expectancy of this crossbreed is 12 to 15 years. The pomeranian shih tzu mix dogs have varying coat colors depending on their parents and they might favor one parent more than other. Shi chi puppies usually cost around 500 to 1000.

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