Blue Roan Working Cocker Spaniel Colours

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In order for a dog to produce offspring in the coat colours that are recessive both parents need to carry for the recessive colour in question whether that is red orange liver chocolate. Having the base colour such as red black or brown muted lightened by a mixture of white hairs.

Blue Roan Tan Cocker Spaniel With Images Cocker Spaniel Dog

My first cocker was blue roan and tan a most attractive mixture rare in working cockers but more common in the show variety.

Blue roan working cocker spaniel colours. One of the most fascinating aspects of this breed is its many variations in coat colour indeed of markings. In the cocker spaniel black in solid colours and blue roan in parti colours are the dominant colours controlled by the genes for black bb all other colours are recessive to black blue roan. For example a blue roan cocker is a cocker that has black hairs interspersed with white hairs.

In the early days before the different spaniels were separately evolved for specialist work in the field the prime consideration was the dog s ability to work. The english cocker spaniel is a breed of gun dog it is noteworthy for producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter among all dog breeds. The same applies to orange roans red hairs mixed with white hairs and.

If you are a would be puppy buyer interested in an unusual colour not listed above please. Blue roan and tan. There are field or working cockers and show cockers.

The show strain cocker spaniel has 18 officially recognised colours patterns. Please see breed standard page for further information on how this should be interpreted in the show ring. Proving then that drake does carry both liver and roan as we expected.

Below are some examples of the different colours possible within working cockers. The nose and rims of black cocker spaniels eyes are black in color. All colours can have tan points however generally these are not visible on gold red cockers due to the base coat colour masking their appearance.

Drake was then mated to teal a blue roan and tan bitch they had 6 puppies 4 black tan and 2 blue roan tan. Any colour or marking other than the above is undesirable. Liver roan and tan.

The eyes will be very dark brown if not black. In the lemon roan the tan mask and trim will be expressed in the dilute form of pale cream again almost. Particolor english cocker spaniels are those made up of two or more colors or have markings.

The solids have a deeply pigmented base colour of black liver or red gold. If the parents both carry the gene for tan markings all of the above mentioned roans may be found with a tan masking over the head and either whole tan or partly tan in the usual tan trim areas in the orange roan it is often indistinguishable to our eyes from the rest of the coat colour. The english cocker spaniel is an active good natured sporting dog standing well up at the withers and compactly built.

Few breeds can boast such a spectrum. There are certain colours i have never seen in working cockers but which do occur fairly regularly in show dogs including chocolate liver roan and lemon roan with light brown pigmentation. Particolor english cocker spaniels.

All but six of the 23 english cocker spaniel colors are particolors. What is roan roan is a coat pattern and it represents a mixture of white hairs mingled with coloured hairs i e.

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