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This pup will tend to look more like their labrador parent and likely carry the blue eyed gene. Commonly you can find a husky lab mix with brown or blue eyes but they are also likely to get a pair of eyes with different colors a condition otherwise known as heterochromia.

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Husky lab mix breeders.

Blue eyes husky lab mix puppy. One of her puppies had one blue and one brown eye and looked more like a huskie with a thicker coat. She is 8 years old now. Also some labs eyes do not change until the age of 16 weeks of age but chocolate lab eye color changes after the said period.

The husky lab mix is a medium dog at about 20 to 25 inches tall weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. We breed her with an akc registered husky with blue eyes which gives the puppies beautiful crystal blue eyes. We are selling seven beautiful siberian husky mx puppies.

The husky lab is often mistaken for the labrador husky which is a different purebred dog despite its confusingly similar name. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 15 years. The huskador is another blue eyed dog breed that s a mix between the husky and the lab.

Our female is our pet and she is 1 2 black lab and 1 2 husky with striking blue eyes. Like a lot of the modern day designer dogs the husky lab mix doesn t have a clear cut origin story. A husky lab mix s ears may either be upright inherited from the husky or flopped down like the labrador.

You can purchase a pup from a breeder or you can adopt a pup from a rescue organization or animal shelter. Her male puppy had 2 brown eyes black and white coat and ears down like a lab. As with any dog designer purebred or mutt there are two main ways to choose your canine sidekick.

The husky lab mix is a cross of a siberian husky and a labrador retriever also known as labsky or huskador. Husky lab mix puppies can be quite excitable and with the lab influence slow to mature. Boeth her and her mon has white and yellow coat.

It s been around long enough to have its own specialized name as it s typically referred to as a siberian retriever. Go with your gut instinct. A highly intelligent breed huskadors are a good natured and playful making them an excellent choice for an active individual or family the huskador is also an officially recognized breed by the designer breed registry dbr.

Huskador s can also have blue eyes also inherited from the husky. If you have any doubts walk away and seek a lab husky mix puppy elsewhere. In other words almost every labrador retriever puppy born with blue eyes but gradually your labrador retriever s eyes color will change to their permanent color.

Our puppies are 3 4 husky 1 4 black lab. With the lab being one of the most popular breeds in the world it only makes sense that. This breed is wonderfully good natured.

It is thought however that the hybrid first came upon the scene within the last two decades.

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