Black Brown And White Cocker Spaniel

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Will be flee wormed and microchipped. Black white tan or brown or a mix of any of these.

Black Brown Tan And White Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Dog

He typically looks like a miniature collie with the long and curly ears of the spaniel.

Black brown and white cocker spaniel. Particolor english cocker spaniels are. Sometimes they have a little white on their throat and this is still acceptable for show purposes. A black english cocker spaniel is completely black.

Adopt mimi a black with brown red golden orange or chestnut cocker spaniel mixed dog in baldwin park ca 28989641 spayed neutered view details no price listed. A sporting breed of spaniel kind the american cocker spaniel is a close cousin of the english cocker spaniel which developed in the united states in the 20 th century. Their flat silky coats come in a variety of colours.

The boykin spaniel is slightly larger than the cocker spaniel and has a heavier waterproof chocolate brown coat also known as liver. The two cocker spaniels were shown together in america until 1936 when the english cocker received status as a separate breed. Cocker spaniels are very happy dogs always keen to learn and please their owners which makes them easy to train.

They are very active dogs and love to swim. The eyes will be very dark brown if not black. Their coats can be curly slightly wavy or straight and are low maintenance requiring brushing only once each week and an occasional bath.

The smallest of the akc recognized sporting breeds some of the distinct physical features of the american cocker spaniel include a compact sturdy body well proportioned chiseled head almond shaped eyes with an alert. His coat will be medium length and usually black brown and white in color with flecked patterning across his coat. Some of your options include cocker spaniel black golden cocker spaniel chocolate cocker spaniel miniature cocker spaniel black and white cocker spaniel brown cocker spaniel black and tan cocker spaniel and much more.

Cocker spaniel border collie. 2 black and white one brown and white and one black. A black and white cocker spaniel zig zagging through agility bars.

Particolor english cocker spaniels. The collie cocker measures between 14 and 19 inches tall and he weighs between 24 and 45 pounds. Ready to go 14th of september.

Black and white cocker spaniel profile black and white english cocker spaniel looking. Cocker spaniel puppies will vary in price depending on many different factors like coat color. A dog competing in a dog one eyed blind black and white old cocker spaniel dog.

The nose and rims of black cocker spaniels eyes are black in color. Taking deposits now ad id. Four healthy pups 3 boys and one girl.

Isolated profile of a black and white cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniel dog breed information facts advice. The american cocker spaniel was developed from the english cocker spaniel in the 19th century to retrieve quail and woodcock they were originally divided from the english cocker solely on a size basis but were bred over the years for different specific traits.

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