Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs

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This german dog breed is one of the most versatile dog to hail from deutschland the german shorthaired pointer is often featured in k 9 units but are also acclaimed sporting dogs they hunt all types of game especially birds and can even retrieve on land or water. The most common german shepherd dog most people think of is the show type.

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The shiloh shepherd is a hybrid breed itself developed by crossing german shepherds to alaskan malamutes.

Are german shepherds good hunting dogs. Combine all this with their affectionate personality and you have the ultimate german dog for owners with active lifestyles. Secondly you ll have an effective hunter who can help you track and catch prey. German shepherds are well known for being loyal one person dogs.

German shepherds will approach unfamiliar dogs with caution. In fact they are often touted for this behavior and it is utilized to make good strong guard dogs. German shepherd duck hunting is also a possible application for gsd hunting dogs.

Any dog realy can become a good hunting dog. The german shepherd breed is known for their aggressive behaviors and tendencies. Both owners of these dogs loved their dogs to death and really built up how good of hunting dogs they were and they could out work my chocolate lab of the time which was notoriously one of the best hunting dogs both myself and my group of friends have ever hunted.

German shepards are wonderful dogs. However you should only train your gsd to retrieve the carcasses of ducks or other birds as the sheer size and power of your gsd can result in mangled or mutilated game. Show or pet breed line german shepherds.

I ve had them all my life and just last week my two german shepherds a boy and a girl killed a racoon no they didn t get raibise. King shepherd is a cross between a purebred german shepherd dog and shiloh shepherd. German shepherds are considered good guard dogs but if they are not trained guard dogs then you need to curb any aggressive tendencies.

This means ultimately your dog may help improve your hunting results. So in a sense king shepherd is two thirds a german shepherd and one third an alaskan malamute but the process was a bit more complex than that. One was a chow and the other coincidentally was a german shepherd.

But what about other dogs are german shepherds good with other dogs. Dogs have been bred for specific purposes for hundreds if not thousands of years. But i think they are not well suited for bird hunting.

As wildhaus kennels german shepherd dog breeder explains there are several different breed lines of german shepherd today including show appearance based and working trait based lines. That said you could probably train a smart one to do most anything. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and will often disregard or even show disdain towards people other than their owner.

Firstly you ll have some company on those hunting trips. Why wouldn t all german shepherds make great hunting dogs. Finally you ll have a brilliant way to bond with your favorite canine.

Training your shepherd to hunt comes with several advantages. German shepherds are defenitly good hunting dogs.

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