Are German Shepherds Good House Dogs

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German shepherds are the very last breed that you should consider as a family dog. They are considered as good house dogs because of their calm nature and caring temperament.

Sosha Is A 2 3 Year Old Female German Shepherd Looking For Her

German shepherd family dog.

Are german shepherds good house dogs. Are german shepherds good family dogs. German shepherd or gsd serve as an ideal family dog. The german shepherd temperament is calm and caring.

German shepherd dogs can be very friendly and at the same time aggressive with other dogs or pets. Frustratingly the most accurate answer tends to be it depends the german shepherd or gsd is currently the second most popular pet dog in america. Protective and courageous by nature this dog s undeniable loyalty makes them very popular with dog lovers and families.

The behavior of a german shepherd dog with other dogs can depend on a lot of factors. They are not only great guard dogs with most being in k9 units but are also wonderful and loyal companions. German shepherds are considered among the most loved dog breeds across the world.

The german shepherd is a large and loyal breed who stands up to 26 inches and can weigh upto 95 pounds. Remember that german shepherds are great dogs but they re not for everyone no more so than would be a newfoundland a chihuahua or a parson russell terrier not every dog breed is a good fit for every home and that s just the way that it is so do your research first. Here are top 10 reasons why you should choose gsd as your family dog.

If you were thinking of adopting a german shepherd you should reconsider. Their intelligence respect energy loyalty love and alertness make them good family pets. Military and and police forces.

They can be vicious disobedient and too rough to have around your children. They can be aggressive towards dogs of same sex but most of the german shepherds are good with other dogs and pets. However not every dog breed is the right fit for every family situation.

If you don t know much about gsds find out here why german shepherds are good dogs. The pros and cons. They are considered a good house dog.

One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of dogdom an ideal german shepherd when properly raised by a confident owner can be a magnificent companion. German shepherds are protective and fearless by nature they tend to watch over their territory like the guardian they are and make sure intruders are kept away. Like most dogs they do have a few health issues with arthritis and other joint issues in their later years of life.

All of those traits are what you get in an ideal german shepherd. There s a good reason my first dogs were german shepherds. Are german shepherds good family pets.

With the influx of dog. For all they do and the loyalty it is only right to provide them with good housing. 1 german shepherd is an intelligent dog breed the largest percentage of police dogs all over the world are gsd s.

Their natural athletic capabilities and intelligence means that they are extremely capable in working roles too e g. Well it doesn t which is why german shepherds don t make good family dogs. Are german shepherds good family dogs.

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