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Anatolian shepherd dog or kangal dog. Kangal is the turkish name for this dog.

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A plateau is a high flat topped mountain like table mountain.

Anatolian shepherd kangal dog price. Coban kopegi karabash dog kara bas kangal dog kham kepiji dogs scandinavian nygaard dogs. Dogs kangal shepherd dog aka kangal çoban köpeği aka anatolian shepherd. Dog in this video is kangal.

In the u s the akc recognizes the anatolian shepherd and the kangal as the same breed while the ukc recognizes them separately. Anatolian shepherd dog anadolu çoban köpeği in the turkish language also called turkish kangal dog is a shepherd s guard dog and a livestock guardian of ancient lineage probably descended from the large hunting dogs existing in mesopotamia. In their hometown of sivas kangal dog is a companion of shepherd.

Summers are hot and dry and winters are cold but the shepherd dogs live outside all year round. Guarding flocks traveling great distances on the. Kangal dog may live 4 years more than anatolian shepherd.

Kangal dog may grow 9 cm 4 inches higher than anatolian shepherd. The anatolian shepherd also known as a kangal dog is an ancient breed originating from the asian precinct of turkey who was bred as a flock guardian. Compare anatolian shepherd dog and kangal dog and name3.

There is a reason that it is called the anatolian shepherd and not the turkish kangal. Kangal dog price at the present is not too high about 600 per puppy on the average. The breed name of anatolian shepherd dog was changed to kangal shepherd dog and the breed standard content was updated.

This area is known for its unbearably hot and dry summers followed by sub zero snowy winters all of which the anatolian can handle. Over the ages the anatolian shepherd breed has evolved to suit a specific set of circumstances. Turkey has only been a country since the 1920 s.

Both kangal dog and anatolian shepherd requires moderate maintenance. Kangals or anatolian shepherd dogs originate in the anatolian plateau of turkey. Find anatolian shepherd dog puppies and breeders in your area and helpful anatolian shepherd dog information.

Find similarities and differences between anatolian shepherd dog vs kangal dog. These dogs have the strongest bite force of any dog. Both kangal dog and anatolian shepherd has same litter size.

All anatolian shepherd dog found here are from akc registered parents. We will provide information on the best kangal puppies for sale prices pet websites and reputed breeders at the present in the article below. Both kangal dog and anatolian shepherd are having almost same weight.

Kangal çoban köpegi kangal shepherd dog sivas kangal turkish kangal.

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