White German Shepherd Lifespan

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On average you can expect to have your white german shepherd in your life for 10 12 years. In 1933 white coat color was made a disqualification in the german shepherd dog breed standard but by 1959 the white coat color was back in development.

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The white shepherd was extensively developed during the 20 th century when a german breeding program began to line breed and inbreed dogs that carried the recessive gene for white coat color.

White german shepherd lifespan. The best dog breed german shepherd wolf mix. White german shepherd lifespan generally white german shepherd dogs are known and seen to lead a life that can be from 12 years to 14 years. In the first half of the twentieth century german cavalry officer max von stephanitz created the german shepherd dog using a variety of german sheepdogs as his foundation stock.

A careful breeder who understands german shepherd coat color genetics can reliably produce a litter of white german shepherd puppies by mating two white german shepherd dogs. The white german shepherd is a type of german shepherd characterized by the white coat originating from germany and later on bred in the united states. So what is the lifespan of a german shepherd.

German shepherd dog lifespan. It s a large dog at about 22 to 26 inches tall weighing between 77 to 88 pounds. So you can generally expect at least a decade of love and memories from a well cared for german shepherd read on for more information on caring for this breed in a way that promotes longevity.

One highly cited study puts german shepherd dogs lifespan at exactly 11 years and another more recent study confirmed this with a 10 95 year median. Average lifespan of the white german shepherd. The white shepherd was recognized by the united kennel club on april 14 1999.

German shepherds have lots of good things that you can consider to choose a puppy. In the united states and canada the coloration had gained a following and in 1969 a breed club was formed specifically for white. While this is the standard some german shepherds have reached 17 years of age without any major medical concerns along the way.

If one dog has a careful care he or she could live for over 13 years. So in reality the availability of white german shepherd dogs is a matter of supply and demand fashion and the gsd owning community s preference. The white shepherd is a direct descendant of the german shepherd dog.

The lifespan of the white shepherd is around 12 to 14 years. Nonetheless these dogs have a quite short lifespan from 10 years to 13 years. The white shepherd is a variety of the german shepherd bred in the united states white coated german shepherds have been known in europe as early as 1882 in 1933 the breed s standard was amended in their native germany banning white coated dogs from registration.

Nevertheless if the dog is made to lead a healthy lifestyle then there is a high probability of living a couple of more years. A survey carried out in the uk suggests that the median german shepherd life expectancy is 10 95 years based on their size weight and history. The general life expectancy of german shepherds in years.

A more useful way of putting this is that the average lifespan of the german shepherd is around 10 to 12 years.

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