White Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua Mix

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These hybrids are courageous alert loyal intelligent and social. These characteristics make them very good family dogs.

Iseult Gold White English Cocker Spaniel White Cocker Spaniel

They have small body with floppy ears and eyes of the spaniel or chihuahua.

White cocker spaniel chihuahua mix. The cockzsla is a mix between the cocker spaniel and the vizsla. Chilier is a chihuahua and the cavalier king charles spaniel mix and is among one of the cutest and the friendliest breeds ever. Known for its charming looks and cheerful disposition the cocker spaniel makes a beloved family companion.

It is said to be one of the best family dogs and it does well with everyone including children first time dog owners and other pets. The english cocker spaniel and the american cocker spaniel. These dogs are popular for being cute and though small in size they are known to be brave and alert by disposition.

It is a cross between the chihuahua and the cocker spaniel. He has a life span of 12 to 15 years and is a friendly and amiable dog who is good at adapting. Cocker spaniel vizsla.

He is another energetic dog who will need around 60 minutes of exercise every day. The mixes of cocker spaniel formed by crossing with other purebreds would mostly possess the pleasing personality of its parent while being quite friendly with kids and other dogs in the family. Browse thru thousands of chihuahua cocker spaniel mix dogs for adoption near in usa area listed by dog rescue organizations and individuals to find your match.

The cocker spaniel chihuahua mix also known as the chispaniel chi cocker cocker chi chi spaniel is not a purebred dog. They are cute looking small size dogs. English cocker spaniels are a little larger than american cockers but the collective weight range is 20 34 pounds with a collective size range of 13 5 17 inches tall.

The cockzsla is one of the most affectionate dogs on this list. The cockzsla is an unusual cocker spaniel mix who makes a great hunting dog. He is a small dog with talents in tricks and competitive and obedience.

The smooth coated chihuahua has a smooth shiny coat that is close to the body with a ruff of thicker hair on the neck and the long coated chihuahua has a curly soft coat. This mixed dog is also called a chispaniel or known as a cocker spaniel chihuahua mix. The cocker spaniel has a wavy coat that is thick.

The chi spaniel is a cross between the chihuahua and the cocker spaniel dogs. Aside from the popular mixes listed above. In this post we are going to add everything related to chiliers including pros cons temperament health related issues and much.

The chi spaniel is a mix between a chihuahua and a cocker spaniel purebreds. The chi spaniel is a cross of the chihuahua and cocker spaniel. See photos of the chi spaniels from around the world.

The ears of your chi spaniel may be fringed and he may have longer fur on the legs belly chest and feet. These dogs have either medium or long coat depending upon which of its parents genes are ruling. Both of these dogs have a wide range of possible coat colors.

There are two types of cocker spaniel.

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