What Does A Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Look Like

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They come in a range of colors including black and tan sable fawn chocolate and blue and tan. Pomchis will get plenty of stimulation and exert a fair amount of energy inside provided you have enough toys for them to play with.

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A papillon pomeranian mix can look like either parent breed or some mixture of the two.

What does a pomeranian chihuahua mix look like. Login to reply the answers post. Often described as fox like in appearance the pomchi can look more pomeranian than chihuahua or more chihuahua than pomeranian you never truly know what you will end up with in a cross breed. Looks like it could be pure long hair chihuahua albeit a badly bred one.

Cameo is a delightful friendly little dog with a fox like face that usually makes her look like she s smiling. The pooch has a fragile bone structure so oversee its interactions with small kids. We ll discuss the appearance of each purebred to give you an idea of what your papillon pom mix might look like.

So why does your pomeranian look like a chihuahua. Cameo the pomchi at 18 months old meet cameo my pomchi pomeranian chihuahua mix she is 1 1 2 years old in this picture just waking from a nap and still looking a bit drowsy. You can sign in to vote the answer.

A chihuahua pomeranian mix full grown like most dogs requires exercise. Most don t look anything like a chihuahua so you re right to wonder what s happening. However we haven t yet seen a pure black pomchi.

What does a chihuahua look like omg it looks like my chiwawa brown but with white to i why does everyone think my small dog is a chihuahua does anyone out there have a chihuahua that looks like one 164 best images about chiweenies dachshund chihuahua on what does a dog mixed with yorkshire terrier and applehead. However pomeranians do resemble other dog breeds and long haired chihuahuas are one of them. Like some pomeranian mix breeds the pomapoochi requires minimal grooming.

How do you think about the answers. Yes it does look like a chihuahua pomeranian mix. Login to reply the answers post.

Appearance of a papillon pomeranian mix. The papillon is in the toy group of dogs. Your pomeranian may be a mix between a pomeranian and chihuahua.

Pomeranian shiba inu shi pom source. Some pomeranian mix dogs tend to look different from their parents but the shi pom however looks like it shiba inu albeit smaller. But unlike larger dogs they don t require huge amounts of it.

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