What Does A Pomeranian Chihuahua Look Like

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You can sign in to vote the answer. This dog looks somewhat like a solid black pomeranian with a trimmed coat.

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Cameo the pomchi at 18 months old meet cameo my pomchi pomeranian chihuahua mix she is 1 1 2 years old in this picture just waking from a nap and still looking a bit drowsy.

What does a pomeranian chihuahua look like. Chihuahuas can come with either long or short fur and will be either tan brown and white or a mix of all these colors. What does a pug chihuahua look like. What does a beagle chihuahua mix look like.

Yes it does look like a chihuahua pomeranian mix. Most pomchis will look like smaller poms in body but with more chihuahua esque faces. Both of these dogs are tiny little babies who only grow to be about 6 8 inches tall and weigh less than 7 pounds.

Chihuahua vs pomeranian appearance and grooming. What does a chihuahua look like omg it looks like my chiwawa brown but with white to i why does everyone think my small dog is a chihuahua does anyone out there have a chihuahua that looks like one 164 best images about chiweenies dachshund chihuahua on what does a dog mixed with yorkshire terrier and applehead. Login to reply the answers post.

Depends because a chihuahua can have diffrent looking hair but i bet the puppy is going to be small. So what does a pomeranian puppy look like. Cameo is a delightful friendly little dog with a fox like face that usually makes her look like she s smiling.

Login to reply the answers post. What does a long hair chihuahua puppy. What do they look like.

The mom is a chi daschund and the dad is a pom. However pomeranians do resemble other dog breeds and long haired chihuahuas are one of them. Most don t look anything like a chihuahua so you re right to wonder what s happening.

I am not sure how big they will get. Looks like it could be pure long hair chihuahua albeit a badly bred one. So you can expect small rounded heads and large eyes.

Your pomeranian may be a mix between a pomeranian and chihuahua. In general pomeranians come in a variety of colors including white black orange tan and sable. A chihuahua looks like a rabbit.

This breed could never be called a ball of fluff like the pom is. Now of course they look like a hybrid of a pomeranian and a chihuahua but will yours be a 50 50 split appearance wise. And as you can see it is much shorter.

So why does your pomeranian look like a chihuahua. Well i have two and the first one is a long white hair very fluffy more pom looking and the other is short white hair more chihuahua looking with a little darker stripe down the back getting darker with age they are 9 weeks old from the same litter. A huge difference as with many dogs that look similar to poms is the coat which only comes in solid black.

Answer 1 of 3. Pomeranians belong to the spitz family and they have a wedge shaped head almond shaped eyes erect ears and a face that resembles a fox or a baby doll. How do you think about the answers.

What does a pomeranian chihuahua dachshund look like.

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