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Here is our list of other pomeranian mixes. Others that qualify for the breed may be a cross of one of the original breeds with a first generation pomchi or the result of mating two first generation pomchis.

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Often described as an alert graceful and smart pup of small proportions.

Teacup pomeranian chihuahua mix pomchi. This breed is tiny even compared to the pomchi and is so called because they are typically the size of a teacup. Unfortunately there are some definite health issues facing both breeds that cannot be ignored. Pomchi coats can vary in length and thickness.

Many know this mix as. A daily exercise of 30 minutes and mental stimulation activity will make them truly happy and mentally and physically stimulated. There is an even smaller breed of the pomeranian chihuahua mix called the teacup pomchi.

Iconically known for. These feisty little pups owe their dashing good looks to the daring chihuahua and the sassy pomeranian both of which are considered purebred toy breed dogs. This pomeranian chihuahua hybrid originated in the united states of america yet is a relatively new variety of pomeranian mix.

Pomchi is a designer dog which is a hybrid of a pomeranian and a chihuahua. The extremely small designer dog crossed between the pomeranian and the chihuahua pomchi has round head round eyes medium size pointed ears and a muzzle narrowing towards the nose end. Both the pomeranian and the chihuahua are tiny dogs and in order to determine or at least have an estimate of how big your pomchi will get just take a look at its parents and their body measurements.

This pomeranian mix dog easily identifies by its fox like mouth and its cute face. The pomeranian chihuahua mix is an active high energy intelligent little dog. The pomchi loves to play games and will respond well to tasks which tests their inquisitive nature.

A pomchi dog is a crossbreed pomeranian chihuahua mix. Its weighs anywhere from five to seven pounds and measures five to nine inches tall with a twelve to eighteen year lifespan. History and origins of the pomchi.

Easily considered one of the world s most lovable little dogs the pomchi don t mistake it with pomsky has captured the hearts of pet owners across the globe. This kind of freedom in breeding results in a wide variety of looks for the chihuahua pomeranian mix. Teacup pomchis are also available and will automatically be the smaller size weighing under 4 pounds.

In this complete guide we will give you a clear picture of what possibilities to expect from a pomchi. As with a mixed breed it can be rather unpredictable. This dog is generally beautiful and has been described as one of the most lovable dog breeds.

As a crossbreed a pomchi dog can be 50 pomeranian and 50 chihuahua. The pomchi is what you get when you cross a pomeranian with a chihuahua. Pomchi pictures temperament the good natured and affectionate dog that is ready to do anything for its family by virtue of their fearlessness sometimes acts stubborn refusing to.

Pomeranian and chihuahua mix. However these pups can have severe health problems caused by their progressively small size. These two dogs are very cute so creating this pomeranian chihuahua mix might seem like a surefire win.

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