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The mystery of the allusive silver coats in labradors. Although labradors have only three registered colors there also exist their other variations like fox red labrador golden labrador and this silver or grey labrador.

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A silver labrador is exactly what is sounds like a labrador retriever that has a silver coloured coat rather than one that is a standard colour black yellow or chocolate.

Silver labrador colours. Silver is a new emerging color of labradors. Any labrador born from at least one silver parent comes in the category of silver factored labrador. A lilac diluted chocolate labrador the american kennel club akc and other kennel clubs around the world recognize three coat colours in the labrador.

Head over to our article on silver labradors to find out more about why some labs might carry the dilute gene and what these unusual colors mean to lab lovers. What is the color of silver lab eyes. An identification guide for anyone.

Black yellow and chocolate. The silver labrador is not a formally recognised colour variety. The gray or silver coat colors of some labrador retrievers derives from the breeding of other labs with a gray colored dog breed such as the weimaraner or american staffordshire terrier.

The yellow labrador has the greatest variation of the three solid coat colors. For a lot of labrador retriever breeders waiting to find out which lab colors appear in their litter is part of the thrill. The majority of the breeders of the traditional colors believe the silver labrador doesn t exist.

They can also have shading located on the ears back and belly regions. Silver is a variety of the brown coat that is only expressed due to a certain gene the dilute gene. This color has major controversy among dog breeders.

What is a silver factored labrador. Do the traditional color breeders accept the silver labrador as a purebred. However their features and temperament will likely be affected by this mix.

Genetic testing for labrador color inheritance. They often are seen ranging from a fox red to a light cream. Till the age of 6 8 months eye color of silver labrador puppies remain light blue but when they grow old their eyes become pale yellow.

The yellow labrador retriever. Aside from the distinctive colour of their coats a silver labrador usually looks just like any other labrador retriever. The dilute gene can also exist in yellow and black labs leading to colour varieties called champagne and charcoal.

Silver is not a recognized labrador colour in the fci breeding standard and there is a reason for that. There is a silver dog that looks like a lab this cannot be argued but it shouldn t be recognized as a labrador.

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