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Because of this they need a dry kibble that will meet their nutrient needs early on so that their joint and muscular development can be supported they should start eating a dry puppy kibble as soon as they can be weaned off their mother s milk. Generally while still a puppy your cocker spaniel should eat about 3 4 times a day.

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Cocker spaniel puppies should eat a puppy formula until 12 months of age.

Should cocker spaniels eat grain free. Most dogs require similar nutrients in their diet. It is also free of grain and gluten to help with digestion even if your pet doesn t have any problems in that. Yes cocker spaniels can eat quinoa my two spaniels enjoy it particularly when it is mixed into wet dog food such as the tripe that they eat.

Moderately active cocker spaniels should get about 740 calories per day. And highly active cocker spaniels should get about 1180 calories per day. The cocker spaniel is extremely active in their puppy years.

The answer is yes they can. Most cocker spaniels should be able to eat a normal diet for dogs. Cocker spaniel dietary needs.

We recommend that you do not feed quinoa too often to your spaniel and you should introduce it to his diet gradually so that you don t upset his tummy. It s very important to gauge your dog s activity level and adjust their calorie intake per day to keep them at a healthy weight. When they reach their adulthood usually at around twelve months you can settle on a rhythm of two meals a day.

Watermelon is enjoyed by many people and animals and as a spaniel owner you may be wondering can cocker spaniels eat watermelon. Cocker spaniels are a. Watermelon is safe for cocker spaniels to eat provided that you take the skin off so that the dog cannot eat it and that you also do not let him eat the seeds.

While dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats they still require plenty of protein in their daily diet and meat protein is preferable to plant protein.

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