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50 to 90 pounds but occasionally larger. 22 24 inches 55 60 cm 20 25 inches 51 63 cm avg.

All About The Husky German Shepherd Mix Gerberian Shepsky

Do you have a gerberian shepsky growth chart.

Shepsky weight chart. I do bite work with her as a fun exercise she would be an excellent guard dog but is an absolute lover. 49 71 pounds 22 32 kg 45 80 pounds 20 36 kg avg. They will also inherit the loving happy and playful personality of the siberian husky.

A gerberian shepsky normally reaches its full adult size an average of 23 inches at the shoulders in height and 65 pounds in weight at 12 14 months of age. This breed is therefore ideal for those looking for a short term emotional and physical commitment in a. 25 inches 62 5 cm female.

They reach adolescence at 6 7 months sexual maturity at 10 11 months and full mental maturity by 18 months though some will retain. German shepherd husky mix overview. The gerberian shepsky is a mix of two classic and intelligent pure breeds.

23 inches 57 5 cm. Gerberian shepsky s will be inclined to inherit the intelligent and alert nature of their german shepherd lineage. But as a gsd owner it is interesting to know about what to expect as your german shepherd puppy develops in terms of weight because this is one thing so many new owners especially seem to be surprised by.

Energy level is off the charts. The gerberian shepsky is the product of two larger breeds and will typically weigh in between 45 90 pounds. The loyal german shepherd is mated with an outgoing siberian husky giving us a mixed dog which may just be the best of both breeds.

Consult the puppy food package for more specific feeding instructions or talk with your veterinarian. The gerberian shepsky is a crossbreed that has developed by mixing the german shepherd with the siberian husky dogs. 66 88 pounds 30 40 kg female.

Like all other crosses this breed too possesses a mixture of the characteristics of both its parents. The gerberian shepsky is a large sized type of dog with a height of 20 25 inches. The average lifespan of a gerberian shepsky is 13 years.

What breed group does the gerberian shepsky come under. Our puppy feeding chart is a starting point to help you determine how much dry kibble to feed your puppy. I will be getting another in a few years.

Is the gerberian shepsky ever crossed or mixed with other breeds of dog. You may wish to consult your veterinarian about a weight control program. 24 26 inches 60 65 cm female.

However as a genetic rule only the traits of one of the dominant breeds exclusively prevail in the resultant breed and the gerberian shepsky too is no exception. Does the gerberian shepsky smell or drool a lot. You can take your shepsky outside and brush him regularly.

Gerberian pups develop steadily. When the gerberian shepsky is full grown in size what is the maximum height and length expected to be. Some are overwhelmed some just the opposite especially when they read the findings on this german shepherd growth chart.

60 pounds 27 kg 62 5 pounds 28 kg height. 10 to 12 years. 77 pounds 35 kg female.

The weight standing is 45 88 lbs but is mostly dependent on the diet and overall wellbeing of the dog.

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