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Rough collie may weigh 14 kg 30 pounds lesser than german shepherd. The shollie has become a favorite designer dog over the last two decades.

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All of these collie mixes shollies are from a variety of litters over the years they consistently have a similar look to them which we enjoy.

Rough collie german shepherd mix. To know more about the border collie german shepherd mix let us peek into the history and. The quest for the ultimate large dog with a combination of athleticism agility and a protective and playful nature may have been the driving force in creating this crossbreed. The german shepherd and rough collie.

Nicknamed the shollie he packs lots of energy and is ideal for an experienced pet owner. Sage the german shepherd rough collie mix at 3 years old. Both rough collie and german shepherd has almost same life span.

They are very active and will need daily exercise and play to avoid destructive behaviors. They are a great family dog used for herding service and therapy work guarding and security. Depending on the coat they inherit they will likely require regular brushing more frequent during shedding seasons.

Border collie german shepherd mix is a cross of a border collie and a german shepherd also known as shollie. The lifespan of the german shepherd collie mix is 10 to 15 years. Rough collie is originated from united kingdom but german shepherd is originated from germany.

This is the cross between a german shepherd and a collie. Rough collie may grow 6 cm 2 inches shorter than german shepherd. A rough collie german shepherd mix is a cross between two large dog breeds.

She has a number of talents including hunting agility obedience guard dog watchdog and herding. Even if they love staying outdoors don t leave a shollie outdoors overnight. At night it still prefers to sleep indoors where it is warmer.

This produces a medium to large hard working cross. A cross of the border collie and the german shepherd is known as a german shepherd collie mix a german shepherd border collie mix or a shollie. A german shepherd rough collie mix also loves to go couch potato after a tiring day.

Started in germany the german shepherd was specifically developed for help with sheep herding back in the 1800s. List of rough and smooth collie mix breed dogs. Later the rough collie would become extremely popular in the united states when a collie was chosen to be the star of the well known lassie movies.

It is a working dog with a long and thick coat but it doesn t do well in a very cold environment. The border collie german shepherd mix s origin. Collie x afghan hound mix afollie.

Our collie shepherd mix shollie are a working breed of dog. Shollie dogs are not hypoallergenic and require constant grooming if you have pet allergies. Later in 1899 the german shepherd dog club of germany would get its start.

Collie x golden retriever mix gollie. She is a large dog often used as a working dog with a life span of 13 to 15 years. Collie x german shepherd mix shollie.

Collie x great pyrenees mix collie pyrenees. This crossbreed is large like a german shepherd around 21 to 27 inches weighing 70 to 80 pounds.

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