Rottweiler Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix Puppies

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The german shepherd mix is not a. The beautiful golden shepherd is what happens when you cross two of the most popular dogs in the world.

6 Week Old German Shepard Rottweiler Mix Rottweiler Mix Puppies

German shepherds tend to be strong willed intelligent playful and loyal.

Rottweiler golden retriever german shepherd mix puppies. The intelligent and working german shepherd is mated with the loyal and loving golden retriever to make a loveable mix. Because there can be variation in the puppies you will want to ask the breeder about the other dog in the cross. The german shepherd mix is not a purebred dog or a designer dog breed.

Here are the broad outlines of their physical. These dogs have been combined in the hopes that the best characteristics of a german shepherd and golden retriever will be combined offering a better dog. Patiently waiting to be fed.

With a golden retriever mix the goal is to get the highly trainable super friendly and sweet nature of the golden retriever and the best traits of the other dog in the cross. German shepherd rottweiler mix grooming and shedding. German shepherd golden retriever mix appearance.

Usually you ll find that your rottweiler golden retriever mix is a very loyal dog and they are protective and loyal to their family. Any puppies that qualify as a german shepherd mix are a cross between a german shepherd and another dog breed. Generally puppies of a german shepherd retriever mix are a blend of both parents both in appearance and temperament.

Rottweiler cross german shepherd puppies coloring can be a solid or mix of colors. Thriving in busy and active homes we have put together 14 incredible facts to get to know this smart and playful mix a little better. Physical characteristics of a german shepherd golden retriever mix.

However it s not uncommon to see some puppies leaning on one particular parent. In fact the german shepherd is the second most popular dog according to the american kennel club akc while the golden retriever is third. Golden retriever german shepherd and australian shepherd mix.

One thing for sure they are classed as a large size dog ranging between 21 26 in height and weighing between 50 70 pounds. As such rottweiler and german shepherd mix puppies may be born with a mix of their parent breeds characteristics. The golden retriever german shepherd mix combines two very popular breeds.

The average size of the rottweiler golden retriever mix varies between 24 and 28 inches tall at the shoulder and they usually weigh in at between 50 and 90 pounds. The rottweiler golden retriever mix temperament. Or they may exhibit characteristics from one breed more so than the other.

Depending on the percentage the dog may take on a number of combinations. And because of the golden retriever in the mix that wont make the puppies aggressive. In a mixed breed you can get any mix of characteristics in the parent breeds.

Ranging in appearance the german shepherd and golden retriever mix can be more german shepherd than golden or vice versa. Hybrid dogs have become very popular within the last 20 30 years and one hybrid dog is the german shepherd golden retriever mix also called the golden shepherd. German shepherd australian shepherd golden retriever mix puppies rottweiler.

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