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I m not sure who invented the extendable leash but i m guessing it was probably some vindictive cat or maybe one of the ignorant politicians responsible for breed bans. German manfred bogdahn of flexi claims to have invented the retractable leash in its present form in 1972 although this newspaper ad from 1941 depicts otherwise.

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This section isn t for the faint of heart so if you re squeamish skip down to the next one.

Retractable leash bad. There are pros and cons to this type of leash and specific times when you d consider using them. Hopefully if you ask any knowledgeable dog walker or pet sitter in atlanta they ll tell you to avoid using them. If you try to retract the leash the leash naturally becomes tighter around the victim.

Clearly with less control over your dog at a 30 foot distance dogs have been known to wander into the street and get hit. The leashes encased in tenite are styled in lustrous colors to match almost any costume. It s no fault of the product itself but the way some dog owners and dog walkers use retractable leashes makes injuries and accidents more likely to happen.

Hand injuries from retractable leash use. Why retractable leashes are bad for your dog. Retractable leashes can cause hand injuries.

If used at all retractable leashes should be reserved for use only on well trained reliable dogs and in settings and situations see below where the likelihood of encountering another person dog or other distraction is very low. The four foot leash is perfect for around town stuff where we don t want him. All of that said if i m not on a hike my retractable leash is in the car.

Who ever did it they obviously don t know or care about our dog s well being. The text of the ad reads smart dog owners carry leashes wound on spring reels. If the human grabs the cord in an attempt to reel in their dog then serious injuries can follow.

I still mostly hate retractable leashes. Retractable leashes can wrap around a dog s leg and cause much more serious injury than a traditional leash. When you start leash training you ll have a choice between a retractable or fixed leash.

Does this mean retractable leashes are always bad. We own a four foot and eight foot leather leash that we use for 60 of barley s on leash time unless we re on a run then we use a waist bungee leash or a canicross belt leash. Retractable leashes have a bad reputation but incidents with this type of leash are largely the result of improper use.

Also if necessary you can put the loop of the leash on your wrist and have 2 hands free to assist you or your pet. If you have a retractable leash for your pet please reconsider when there is even the smallest chance that your pet may encounter danger and you need both hands available for rescue i think that a photograph speaks a 1000 words. When a retractable leash cord breaks it can cause injury often to the human at the other end.

Retractable leashes aren t just bad for you and your dog they re dangerous. There have been several reports of people suffering horrific hand injuries after their retractable leashes become wrapped around their fingers.

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