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Red nose pit bulls. The red nosed pit bull and the blue nosed pit bull come in different colors with different noses.

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One of the biggest differences obviously is the coloring of the two animals.

Red nose blue nose red nose different pitbull breeds. A member of the molosser breed the red nose pit bull originally came from a breed of irish pit dogs known as old family closely inbred with other dog groups of the same breed. The red nose pit bull along with the blue nose are among the very popular types of pit bull dogs. History characteristics lifespan temperament.

And since the color red is sometimes linked to violence and hot tempered conduct is a red pitbull red nose pitbull a vicious and aggressive breed of dogs. Red pitbull red nose pitbull. This is not a different breed of dog and as such it is not expensive or rare as several unscrupulous breeders may want people to believe.

Definitions a red nose pit bull. The red nose pit bull seems to have come over to america from ireland and one of the early breeding consultants began using the term old family red nose for the particular strain of dog. There is only one pit bull and that is the american pit bull terrier.

However there are differences. There are no blue nose or nred nose its just a color the only true red noses come from a bloodline called old family red nose or old family reds they are game dogs and true apbt s the more you learn about game dogs the more you know about your breed look up blue pit bull myth on youtube a channel called dogumentary tv did a special. There are in fact just that types of pit bulls.

A blue nose pit bull is a dilution of either many lines of black pit bulls or of the interbreeding of black and red lines. They are the same breed they just have different characteristics. The same goes for any apbt with a colored nose coat or whatever.

In the 1940s and 50s several breeders were careful to try and preserve this strain though any litter could produce a red nose. Same as the blue nose pit bull the red nose pit bull is just also a pit bull which happens to own a red nose. It is unclear where exactly the blue color originated or if it was intentionally created by breeders.

This breed of dogs is generally all red in color. Shes a red red nose american pit bull terrier. Other than that they are pretty similar in appearance.

The striking blue or red coloring occurs when two parents with recessive coat color genes breed which doesn t often happen naturally. The differences in the two different types of pit bulls are very small. These are medium sized short haired dogs with strong muscular bodies.

Depending on how you raise your dog. If they have a red nose blue nose blue coat red coat brindle coat cream coat. The red nose pit bull is not a rare breed or anything of the sort.

There are even red nose pitbulls whose skin eyes nose and toenails have an amber tone and no these blue and red dogs don t look like little stalky aliens or demons. The red nose pit bull belongs to the american pit bull terrier dog breed or atpb. Many people seek ownership of these types of pit bulls.

It s got a red nose red lips red eyes red toenails. Pit bull with a red coat that ranges from deep red to light honey red are very popular and so is.

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