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Lilac french bulldog s coat resembles a pastel color and shows a purple appearance in the light. Its only difference is their coat and eye colors the reason why people breed and buy them.

Lilac French Bulldog Sired By Purple Lilac Midnight Man Lilac French Bulldog French Bulldog Stud French Bulldog

The lilac french bulldog has similar characteristics to the typical french bulldog.

Purple blue purple lilac french bulldog. The lilac is one of the most expensive french bulldog color. It has a grey like or pale brown coat color which is actually just a diluted version of the color chocolate or liver. You can find lilac french bulldogs that almost look blue or pale purple while some have a glossy silver color.

For those of you who love the science behind the coloring we will learn all things genetics. All lilac colored french bulldogs are blue carriers by nature it is a requirement in order to have the dominant lilac gene and to be a carrier. Their coat coloring ranges from blue to silver hues having white markings around their face and chest sometimes.

Lilac french bulldogs are such a beautiful color grey with light eyes. Frenchies come in a variety of different colors and patterns. As expected the rarer colors such as blue lilac and chocolate tend to cost more than standard colors such as black.

A lilac french bulldog is known for its unique coloring. Every lilac coloured french bulldog is naturally a blue gene carrier. It is a vital requirement for them to be a carrier and have the dominant lilac gene.

For those of you who are here for the pics and videos keep scrolling. The lilac or champagne coloration on french bulldogs is part of the blue gene. Newly born puppies have a soft blue fawnish colour but as they mature the colour changes and you can clearly identify their pink coat.

Lilac french bulldog puppies are a site to be hold. The color itself comes in different hues.

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