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German shepherd lab mix. Depending on the amount of husky and pomeranian in the cross you can get different sized pomskies.

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The length of the full grown pomsky is 13 to 18 inches.

Pomsky german shepherd mix full grown. In some rare cases the pomsky can be as big as an average full grown dog or as small as a toy dog. On the whole the husky pomeranian mix full grown can be a medium or a large sized dog. A full grown pomsky s.

Both of these breeds are known for being a large breed dog when fully grown. That way you can ensure that your full grown german shepherd is normal. Some dogs are more like foxes like the husky while others are more like wolves.

A fully grown pomsky usually stands 10 15 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 17 30 pounds. Typically the pomsky will grow to be half of the combined weights of the parents i e. Fortunately the german shepherd dog fci standards made sure to provide owners with german shepherd growth chart so we re able to gather data from there.

The size of your pomsky is where things can begin to get a little confusing. You may want to socialize them properly if you want a well mannered dog at home when the house is full. Since the pomsky breed is relatively new there is no clear standard of how the dog will look how big it will grow and what temperament it will possess.

It s a good idea to keep this in mind when making a decision to rescue a lab german shepherd mix. Pomsky litters may have a mix of both. These dogs grow up like all other pets and tend to lose much of their baby husky looks so if the only reason you re planning to buy this dog is because she s small and cute you should start thinking seriously about long term responsibilities.

This makes it quite difficult to predict the real size of a full grown pomsky. It will also help you tackle health problems concerning the german shepherd s size. Pomsky s full grown size can be as much as 15 inches high and reach up to 30 lbs.

10 to 15 in. Because this designer breed is still developing there can be some variation in size especially in first generation or first generation cross puppies so there is a chance your pomsky could fall somewhere out of this range. 12 to 15 years.

Since pomsky is rather a new hybrid there can be a little different in its appearance. Also make sure that you spend a lot of time with them otherwise pomeranian shepherd mix will recognize you as a caretaker more than a master. The siberian husky and the pomeranian.

German shepherd mix with pomeranian can be friendly loving and loyal with unique traits. I have personally witnessed labrador mix and the german shepherd mix can be super intelligent and easy. The definitive german shepherd golden retriever mix guide.

This is a relatively new dog breed and its general size isnt well known. The pomsky is longer than its height. The weight of the full grown pomsky can be different even in the same litter as it depends on the breeding and parent breeds.

The weight of a full grown pomsky range from 15 to 30 pounds. 7 to 38 lbs.

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