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Mini red white blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel available. A correctly bred pom will have perky upright ears.

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Toy poodle puppies for sale.

Pomeranian puppy floppy ears. He is 8weeks old but his ears are not standing up. The breeder that we bought her from won t get back with me. Puppy ears that won t stand erect.

Most pomeranian ears stand up however it does occasionally occur. Zuchon puppies for sale. The pomeranian dog breed is so well known for having erect ears that it s a rarity if you find a pomeranian with ears that are actually floppy.

At the time she was teething and so it was normal for a young pup s ears to be floppy. Pomeranian puppy development stages month by month. Is this common and will they ever stand up.

Similar to the ways that humans develop pomeranian puppies also have a predictable pattern of steps although there has never been any official agreement regarding the exact ages a. However poms have been recorded as having droopy ears during their puppy ugly stage. This said it does happen every now and then.

Shih tzu puppies for sale. I have just bought a 10 week old pomeranian and her ears were drooping down or looked like anyother dogs ears. When we got him the lady said that he was a pure bred and he came with vet papers so i assumed that he had to be because a vet would know but my friend has a pom from the same lady and her dogs ears stand up.

But im sure your pom is cute either way. He looks like a pom in all his features except his ears. They may stand at some times but flopa bit at.

Unfortunately in most cases this is an instance of bad breeding practices and if so they most likely will not evolve into erect ears. Do pomeranian puppies have floppy ears. Erect ears are such a strong trait with the pomeranian breed that it is extremely rare for a pom puppy to have floppy ears.

Yorkie puppies for sale. When i got her she had the floppy ears and they were really cute but i knew that chi ears are supposed to stand up. I looked at some pictures on the internet and saw that all poms have ears that stand up.

I love my puppy reguardless but i want to know if he. My pomeranian has floppy ears. I have a chihuahua puppy she s 6 months old now.

I was beginning to think that she d have floppy ears forever but eventually they stood up. Pomeranian puppies for sale. However during theteething stage 4 or 5 months to 8 to 9 months or so theears may be affected.

Although pomeranian puppy stages week by week are quite predictable every puppy and breed are unique and differ a little at each stage of their development. Erect ears are such a strong trait with thepomeranian breed that it is extremely rare for a pompuppy to have floppy ears. The ears are purely genetics.

My pom is 4 months old and has floppy ears. I was just wondering when her ears will go up to make here look like a pomeranian. When the pom is around 11 months old if the ears arent perked up yet they probably wont be.

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