Pomeranian Husky Shiba Inu Mix

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Pomeranian x shiba inu pom shi. In fact there are hardly any examples of true husky inu mixes available on the internet.

Pomsky Dog Ihr Leitfaden Fur Pomskies Und Ihre Pflege Shiba Inu

Pomeranian shiba inu mix.

Pomeranian husky shiba inu mix. Both parent breeds have the reputation of being challenging to train so the shiba husky is not recommended for. This mix is most commonly referred to as a shi pom and sometimes pom shi the crossing of two purebred dogs results in dogs that have been coined as designer mixes. A shi pom is a small doggy that has a maximum weight between 12 14 lbs and a height of 9 15 inches.

The shiba inu is a very popular dog breed from japan. This unique combination of the parents breeds results in a canine mix that s friendly intelligent and lively a great companion for active singles or families. The pomshi is a cross between a shiba inu and a pomeranian.

Despite the husky inu being a stunning looking dog this dog is definitely not recommended for everyone. A shiba inu pomeranian mix is a purebred shiba inu mixed with a purebred pomeranian dog. Husky inu s are new to the designer dog scene because shiba inu s are a relatively new breed in the united states.

The pomeranian is social and people oriented whereas the shiba is reserved and independent. It s a very popular mix when compared with some of the other common husky mixes the shiba husky is a medium sized dog ranging in height from 13 5 inches to 24 inches and weighing from 17 pounds up to 60 pounds. But their personalities could not be more different.

What these two canines have in common is their fluffy coat and somewhat fox like facial appearance. These types of dogs are not recognized by. The shiba ina until the 1950 s was a closely guarded national treasure of japan but in 1954 he was imported into the united states by a military family and our love for the shiba inu began as soon as his paws touched down on american soil he is an ancient breed who is believed to originate from 300 b c and whilst he was originally.

The shiba inu is a cross between a shiba inu and a siberian husky.

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