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Simply speaking a husky pomeranian dog looks like a siberian husky dog with a cute and adorable small size body like a pomeranian. The dog s tail takes a curved shape which is a standard form.

This Is A Pomeranian Husky And It Doesn T Get Much Bigger Than

The pomeranian husky mix is a designer dog cross between a purebred husky and a purebred pomeranian also known as pomsky this pomsky mix is a small sized dog with a height of 10 to 15 inches and weighs 15 to 30 pounds.

Pomeranian husky how big. Obviously the larger parent of the two genes from the husky play a crucial role in how big a pomsky will end up growing. The siberian husky is a stunner with its wolfish resemblance thick coat and striking multi colored eyes. On average a siberian husky can grow 20 to 24 inches at the shoulder from the ground.

Currently there is no standard set for the size and weight of a pomsky. Size of the parents since the size of a pomsky will depend a lot on the size of its pom father and sibe mother you can basically make an assumption based on the parents size. In this video you can compare the smaller size of a full grown pomsky to a full grown husky.

The designer breed pomeranian husky or pomsky is a small and beautiful dog loved by owners owing to their playful nature. Size and weight of a pomsky. The pomsky looks more like the siberian husky but it has the size of the pomeranian.

If you are planning to buy this cute husky mixed with pomeranian you have to shell out somewhere between 1 500 and 5 000 on average. Huskies can grow up to 23 inches tall and weigh up to 60 lbs. A pomeranian husky full grown will have the total weight of both its parents overall weight.

If it looks closer to a husky in size it must be 75 husky and 25 pomeranian. Again pomsky breeders are still trying to come up with the perfect look for the breed s standard.

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