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A true solid black will not have a secondary color. White pomeranian puppy balls 3 duration.

White Pomeranians Pomeranian Whitepomeranians Dochlaggie

A white teacup pomeranian that is truly white is as white as pure snow.

Pomeranian dog white colour price. The pomeranian or pom is a very famous dog breed in the world and first appeared in germany in the early 16th century. However if you are looking for white teacup pomeranian for sale you will find that the price is expensive enough. You will not find shading or non white hue in the coat of the dog.

Pomeranians with tan points appear in three foundation colours. Welcome to solid white teacup pomeranian puppies. The resulting progeny was usually parti colored or wolf sable in color.

They used to have a great past as the most favorite pet among the aristocracy in many european countries from 16th to 18th centuries. We have devoted our energy and love to increasing the quality of life and health of our teacup puppies. Dog pet puppy pomeranian grooming teddy bear style duration.

More information and pictures of white pomeranian adults and white pomeranian puppies go to our white pomeranian dedicated page. White pomeranians are our passion. Remember one of the most important things is that you get your white pomeranian through a reputable source.

Small patches can be dubbed markings larger patches 1 3 of the coat or more will put the pom into the category of black color code s 007 with white markings s 014 black and tan s 018 etc. Viral paws 870 467 views. Those white pomeranian breeders who attempted to breed the whites down in size faced problems with.

For sure people will be attracted when they are seeing this white teacup pomeranian because of their size and also their true white color. The pomeranian often known as a pom is a breed of dog of the spitz type that is named for the pomerania region in north west poland and north east germany in central europe classed as a toy dog breed because of its small size the pomeranian is descended from larger spitz type dogs specifically the german spitz it has been determined by the fédération cynologique internationale to be part. Blue and tan pomeranians brown and tan pomeranians and black and tan pomeranian.

Black black pomeranians color code s 007 will have deep solid black eye rims nose lips and paws. We are the only recognised breeding program in the united states that breeds white and only white pomeranians. Orange sable blue and chocolate poms made their appearance in the pomeranian dog world and the breeders of these older style white poms attempted to breed their dogs down in size by outcrossing with newer colored dogs.

Today purebred pomeranian price is quite high for. We maintain very strict requirements pertaining to the breeding raising and caring of our gorgeous puppies. While the average pomeranian costs anywhere from 600 to 1500 the white pomeranian price could be as high as 4000.

Also keep the white pomeranian dog price in mind. And we are the only pomeranian breeder that gives you a white color guarantee when you buy a puppy from us as well as a 3 year health guarantee for questions you can e mail us at.

If any exists the dog will be a parti.

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