Pomeranian Dog Eye Problems

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Redness in the eye discharge excessive tearing swelling and a constant pawing at their eyes can turn into severe cases at the blink of an eye pun intended. Eye problems such as distichiasis ingrown eyelashes and entropion lower eyelid that rolls inward are rather common among the pomeranian dogs.

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This common problem occurs when the eyelashes grow too long and they end up poking the poor animal in the eye.

Pomeranian dog eye problems. For the past two weeks or so he has been rubbing his eyes on the carpet ground and me. Untreated these symptoms such as. Take an older dog to the vet every six months.

This coat loss may also be referred to as black skin disease or alopecia x. Severe hair loss syndrome pomeranian puppies with beautiful full fluffy coats as puppies may develop early onset bsd. Communities dogs pomeranian with eye problems.

Excess tears will pool under the eyelids and then run down over the dog s lower lids and moisten his facial hair. The offending eyelashes are. Close dogs community 10 3k members pomeranian with eye problems pompupmom.

Pomeranians also tend to be affected by luxating patella some eye problems hypothyroidism and more. However in moderate to severe cases there may also be some swelling and the surrounding tissue may turn red. An extra row of eyelashes grows from the eyelid and is pointed inward rubbing against the eye surface.

Exercise your dog every day. Bring your adult pomeranian to the vet for a checkup once per year. C ommon pomeranian health problems include health issues that usually affect small breed dogs such as hypoglycemia tracheal collapse and dental problems.

Distichiasis is a congenital condition. Pomeranian puppies with these types of coats often lack the harsh guard hairs and feel like. Pomeranians are prone to a variety of eye problems including cataracts dry eye keratoconjunctivitis sicca dryness of the cornea and the conjunctiva and tear duct problems.

Avoid chemicals or additives which can cause skin reactions inflammation or gastrointestinal problems. The only sign may be a runny eye. For some reason eye problems in pomeranians can become big problems very quickly.

If it happens too often the tears may stain the dog s hair and that should be sufficient reason to diagnose the cause of the pomeranian watery. A pomeranian may be nosing around outside and a small twig may scratch the eye or can a dog can even get poked by the corner of a blanket. If you notice your pom pawing at his eye or squinting then you may have an eyelash issue.

However if your pomeranian has teary eyes the result is ugly pomeranian eye stain. Pomeranian eye health problems distichiasis and cataracts. Pomeranians sometimes experience a coat problem called severe hair loss syndrome.

Also two days ago when i took him to get him groomed he would not let the groomer. I have a two year old pomeranian. Take your pomeranian outside for a walk or playtime at least twice per day.

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