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With the pomeranian chihuahua mix your pup will likely be between 4 7 pounds. Their muzzle is short and pointed such as the chihuahua breed and the tail is long with a curl over the back.

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Pomeranian chihuahua mix long hair. Metal brushes can cause irritation and discomfort. A pomeranian chihuahua mix that s long haired will require much more grooming than a short haired canine. The pomeranian chihuahua mix will need consistent brushing several times a week.

Other colors include white tan gray cream fawn sable and merle. As with all mixed breeds the appearance can vary widely and there is no way to predict the exact proportions of this mixed pup. They come in various colors with light brown being the most common but black pomchis are the most sought after shade.

Generally the pomeranian with his thick and luxurious locks will require a bit more tending to than the long haired chihuahua as he has thicker hair. Pomeranian may live 4 years less than long haired chihuahua. Twinkie is a first generation pomchi from a long haired chihuahua dam and a pomeranian father but he almost looks pure pom.

Dogs with potential skin complaints should be brushed with care and only with a soft bristled brush. See more ideas about chihuahua chihuahua love long haired chihuahua. Aug 31 2013 explore sarah paul s board long haired chihuahua pomeranian on pinterest.

They can come in many different colors such as black sable brown blue merle and plain solid colors. One thing that is quite important to bear in mind especially with the long haired chihuahua pomeranian mix is that they often have quite sensitive skin. He is quite the barker but he is very friendly and loves to be the center of attention.

See more ideas about pomeranian chihuahua mix chihuahua mix pomeranian chihuahua. You will probably need to trim the hair that grows out in between the pads on the bottom of his dainty small ft also as a bit sani trim below the tail. He is very hyper and acts just like a pup.

Both pomeranian and long haired chihuahua are having almost same weight. Generally most pomeranian chihuahua mixes will retain a fluffy coat from the pomeranian side especially if mixed with a long coat chihuahua. Rei is a third generation pomchi on her father s side.

Both pomeranian and long haired chihuahua are having almost same height. Overall the short haired chihuahua is easier to groom but both the long haired chihuahua and the pomeranian are similar in their grooming requirements and they require a lot more attention. Pomeranian is originated from germany but long haired chihuahua is originated from mexico.

They can have a short or long coat but it will always look shiny and soft if your pomchi has long hair with an undercoat it will likely be thick and fluffy too.

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