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They re an athletic and energetic dog with a courageous and affectionate temperament. Puppyfind greenfield puppies and lancaster puppies are just some of the places where you can buy pitbull lab mix puppies.

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So it goes without saying that when you mix the two you get a big heavy set dog.

Pitbull lab mix size. The size of the dog ranges from 17 inches to 25 inches. Read our in depth guide to learn more about pitskies. Bring them where there are loud kids buses skateboards.

The head of a typical labrabull will normally be slightly wider than that of a lab but not quite as wide as that of a pit bull. The pitbull lab mix is a mix between the american pitbull terrier and the labrador retriever. Your pitbull lab mix puppy will likely come from a litter of 5 10 puppies but the average size is 7 puppies.

Its coat may take on a solid color characteristic of the lab or it may feature patterns a trait not uncommon in the pit bull. They can weigh up to 90 pounds and sport a short dense coat that can come in a variety of color combinations. As both parents can be similar in size it generally doesn t pose an issue which parent is the sire or dam providing you have sourced a reputable breeder.

Labrabull pitador the pitbull lab mix. They are a relatively healthy breed. Pitbull lab mix is a cross of a labrador retriever and a pitbull terrier also known as labrabull or lab pit mix.

You can find pitbull lab mix puppies for adoption at adopt a pet petfinder and overstock to name a few. Back in college when i volunteered at the local humane society i saw a lot of pitbull lab mixes which isn t all that surprising considering how popular the two breeds are. Your veterinarian is also the best judge for this matter because the pitbull lab mix s growth and size vary.

The cost of pitbull lab mix puppies may range from 500 to 1500. This hybrid breed comes in black brown yellow tan and even white. This crossbreed is one of the friendliest most loyal dog breeds i can think of.

The pitbull lab mix lifespan is around 10 to 14 years. If you have a plan to get this dog. A pitbull lab mix price should be around 500.

It s impossible to predict exactly how this cross will turn out. Its a medium to large dog at about 17 to 25 inches tall weighing between 45 to 90 pounds. Pitbull mastiffs usually weigh between 100 140 lbs 45 63 kg and as we mentioned above it can stand at around 25 29inches 63 5 74cm tall.

Introduce them to people experiences unusual locations and objects. But they need proper training and socialization from a very early. They are also full of energy and love being around people particularly kids.

But generally the pitbull lab mix is intelligent people oriented and energetic. Mastiffs and pitbulls are large very muscular dogs. Pitbull lab mix that is also called labrabull or pitador is a dog that is very friendly and loyal.

A pitsky will be of medium size. Take your puppy to many places as you could and give all types of pleasant and positive experiences. Given their size i would not recommend getting this mixed breed if you live in a flat as they will.

The pitbull lab mix is a cross between the loving labrador retriever and the loyal pitbull terrier. Their weight can range from 30 to 80 pounds.

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