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Coat colors in dogs tend to vary in shade and the pitbull husky mix dog has its share of colors. German shepherd husky pitbull mix.

7 Facts About Pitbull Husky Mix A K A Pitsky Animalso

Again the parents will be the best indicator.

Pitbull husky mix grey. This is a 2 months old fawn pitbull mix with huskyi am selling it for 150 or give me an offer it is very nice thick bones nice coat and a pitbull face. Send fan mail to our new po box. The coat can either be similar to a pit bull or huskys which is woolen and long or shiny and short.

Pitbull husky mix coat color. Looks like my dog grey. See more ideas about pitbulls dogs and puppies and cute dogs.

Blue eyes are relatively common in the pitbull husky mix thanks to the husky parent. These dogs are not for the busy owner as they like to spend a lot of time with you plus theyll need lots of exercises. German shepherd husky pitbull mix.

Pitbull greyhound mix grey pithound. Huskies also come in a variety of colors including black agouti brown red white gray and sable. The most you can find are photos as well as data from personal blogs and forums.

The face looks just like my gray. A pitbull husky mix may be any combination of these colors and patterns. Come and find out more about the husky pitbull mix.

Lets put their training to the test. Super cutethis pup is very thick and cozygreat markings has a white chest paws and collar. Feb 23 2015 explore articulatedanns board grey pitbulls on pinterest.

Green eyes red nose a little blue in the back. But the canine has other names like american pit bull terriersiberian husky and american pit bull terrieralaskan husky. If he inherits more of the huskys genes youll have a dog with a dense and often harsh coat that needs to be groomed daily.

American pit bull terrier information including pictures training behavior and care of pitbulls and dog breed mixes. I setup 2 cameras to capture the behavior of my 2 dogs while left alone for 4 hours. Papa aka sirius black our 1 and 12 year old pit mix and grey our 2 12 year old husky are finally ready to be left home alone for long periods of time.

Husky greyhound mix grey houndsky. They come in a range of colors too husky colors like white white and brown black and white gray and white and then pitty colors such as blue red brindle fawn tan and brown see image above. He may have the stocky build of a pitbull or the more graceful silhouette of the husky.

The pitbull husky mix aka pitsky is a loving high energy dog that can vary in size and looks. Husky pitbull mix photos. The husky greyhound mix dog is an obscure mixed breed with very little information available online.

Other colors of pitsky dog.

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