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Rare and mysterious the gaze of a blue eyed dog tends to make an impression. Puppies don t open their eyes till a couple of weeks and when they open they may have blue eyes.

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It s why dogs with blue eyes seem so special.

Pitbull grey dogs with blue eyes. These pups are a working breed so if you are intent on owning one make sure you have plenty of space. So don t choose the one bright eyed pitbull in the litter just because of his appearance. According to washington state university blue eyes in dogs are linked to hearing impairments.

It s hypothesized that the alx4 canine chromosome 18 is associated with the beautiful blue eyes that the siberian husky is known for. Playful great with children and athletic a well bred and trained blue nose pitbull makes a great family dog. While rare albinism is known to mostly affect doberman pinscher.

The siberian husky is the most popular breed with blue eyes. By the way how is the price of the grey pitbull puppy. However blue eyes on your pit bulls can increase the likelihood of significant health risks in your dog as opposed to brown eyed pit bulls.

Albino dogs also have blue eyes or red eyes. Blue eyed pitbull puppies are not rare and their eye color will most likely change over time. This is because they don t have melanin yet and it grows slowly leading to change in the color of the eye.

And even within those breeds blue eyes can be hard to come by. Based on the research the average price of the grey pitbull puppy is 500. It is often that the pitbull puppies have blue eyes.

Even if a breeder sells them as rarity for a premium the color will almost certainly vanish if it s a purebred more on that below. Of course the grey pitbull puppy with blue eyes is more expensive than other. Albino dogs are known to suffer from many issues they are extremely sensitive to light and prone to sunburn.

It also can have freckles of red light brown dark brown grey blue or black. The blue nose pitbull is a type of american pitbull with blue gray hue to its nose skin eyes and toenails. These dogs have no pigment except for the blue eyes.

But have you got what it takes. The siberian husky is perhaps one of the most famous blue eyed breeds. The reasons for a dog having blue eyes are all up to their genes.

Grey dogs are also well known for their loyalty and can be found in all areas. White pit bull with a heart shaped nose pattern. Skin disorders are also a major risk in these dogs.

However few breeds display this unique trait. The color of the eyes keeps getting darker as they mature. It is a half pit bull and half siberian husky which has bright blue eyes husky ears and a short and smooth hair coat.

Blue eyed dogs pit bulls are prone to develop the following disorder. Grey dogs are also dogs that were bred to be able to hunt and kill a whole variety of animals. Grey dogs are generally used to be hunting dogs and as such have blue eyes.

It can be freckled throughout its whole bodies. Besides that there are some breeders who provide the grey pitbull puppies with blue eyes for sale.

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